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  1. One of those blobs moving out of central London just passed over Surbiton. Really nice big flakes and quite heavy but only lasted barely a minute. You could see the snow floating about in the sky above before it suddenly arrived.
  2. Seems that just as the streamer starts getting its act together it shifts north of here. 🙄 Doesn’t look like there’s much more accumulating snow now south of the river.
  3. Bigger flakes with light snow and small grains in the occasional more moderate bursts. Definitely more of a covering now than the dusting we had a couple of hours ago. The heavier bursts just don’t last long enough to really build up the accumulation though oh, and the home & dry radar app is not updating again 🙄
  4. Finally getting some more moderate decent snow now in Surbiton which has quickly turned everything white. Very fine grainy flakes,
  5. The snow to the east of London seems to be stubbornly refusing to cross the M25. Not expecting anything from it here now this far west 😴
  6. Does anyone else use the home and dry radar app? Mine hasn’t updated since 14:45 🤔
  7. Light snow in Surbiton but much bigger flakes than this morning. Is it just me or is the radar starting to perk up a bit? 🤞🏻🤞🏻
  8. A fairly brief but more moderate snow shower has passed through to top up the dusting. It’s so fine and powdery even the small amount we have “drifts” into the kerbs and edges of roof tiles. Current radar doesn’t look too promising at the moment for much more than the odd flurry?
  9. Wish it would perk up a bit!! Looks like you might be under it soon...
  10. Not sure if you can call it a streamer but we’re under that thin line of light snow snow just west of London which is now starting to lightly cover the rooftops and cars. Not great but best it’s been all day!
  11. If only it could be a bit more evenly spread! We did do pretty well a couple of weeks ago where the east missed out so I guess it’s only fair but still...huff! 😤
  12. Has been very disappointing hasn’t it? There’s a dusting on the cars here now and it looked like a heavier band was coming through but it seems to have fizzled out now ☹️
  13. Only very light and looks a bit like graupel mixed in but it’s finally starting to settle a little bit in Surbiton. Just the slightest dusting on rooftops and cars but it’s a start!
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