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  1. This on bbc news app. "The Met Office said there were signs the cold easterly flow could last into next week and possibly into the following week"
  2. Not posted on netweather for a long time. Just got back from Wakefield and theres barely 3" at calder park. I have 11" on the bins now and snowing hard here in Darton, Barnsley. The showers look to be merging on the radar. Some say...... One of his legs gets longer when he sees a pretty lady..... And that if he was going to issue an amber warning, he'd make sure at least 2cm of snow was forecast.... All we know is, he's called the beast from the east!
  3. Are other models downgrading the weds night storm or is it just GFS? BBC news still going for a modest pasting tommorow night.
  4. Super rapid pressure rise too. Edit, 987.5 just 10 mins on
  5. Up to 55 mph in the last few mins on my Velo / Inspeed Vortex kit.
  6. Theres a mountain of money set aside by the banks yet you have still done nothing about it..... The guy looks suicidial in that Gladstone Brookes ad.
  7. Richie V


    A hardcore lack of gamers here! Consoles i have owned: Atari 2600 Sinclair ZX 48k Spectrum Amiga 500 Sega Dreamcast Nintendo 64 PS1 Xbox Xbox 360 Games i have really enjoyed: Frostbite, Atari 2600 Reactor, Atari 2600 Wipeout 64, Nintendo 64 Phantasy star online, Dreamcast (many thousands of hours) Bejeweled 2 and 3 on xbox 360 Gears of war series, 360 Earth Defence Force series, 360 Currently lashing through the latest installment of EDF as a Wing Diver. Christ, am I really that much of a geek!
  8. if i remain on even semi skimmed gomad, the losses should be very small over a year period. With lighter maintenence lifts as well.Jees, you were born in '95. I feel old, got my first job in an accounts office in '95 I was born in '77 sunshine lol.
  9. I have reached the magical tipping point where by i would find it very hard to gain fat. I am not sure how my daily calories look but, I've been on full fat gomad (gallon of milk a day) since april. This is a super easy way to get mega calories down the gullet. This is circa 2300 kals per day on it's own. Glad i aint lactose resistant. If you train hard enough, you will never leave the so called bulking phase, you will be expelling way to much energy during workout and recovery.
  10. https://forum.netweather.tv/topic/73794-members-photos-show-yourself/page-8 I was just 176 lbs here. But seriously strong.
  11. Time out til my 40 th i think. I think i had better get some pics up here. Theres a pic of me at 22 on the mugshot thread.
  12. I have trained v hard since i was 21, i am now 38. I really need a break. Yes get stared at a lot, my own fault for wearing slim fit t shirts. I'm lucky, very Mesomorphic. I gain muscle when i sneeze. I tend to rep higher rather than sheer weight. I have managed 670 lbs on incline leg press machine, could not walk for 10 days. Tell me, why does muscle attract just large ladies?
  13. I feel i have hit genetic max now. Weight 221lbs @ 14% bfWaist: 35 Chest: 52 Thighs: 27 3/8" Calves 18 Upper arm R 17.2 L 16.8 Heart at rest 39 bpm I quit smoking and can really push on my lifts now. I'm a squat freak, 310 lbs for 12 reps I do not bench press, i value my shoulders, dips are king. I'm taking time out now, let the system climb down. I'll have good muscle memory when i return.
  14. Appears to be really ramping up here again, many gusts in the mid 50's
  15. Anyway.... now raining, pressure starting to fall quickly ahead of the next session.
  16. I don't have a problem with that, surely they can break for 2 mins or so for the weather forecast.
  17. The thing that gets me more though is because of the live France thing they have dropped the half hourly forecasts. Tried 4 times now at five to and twenty five past the hour. I do feel for all those who have had their lives wrecked in France because of these two radicals though, really.... no need man. I'll send my mum round with a slipper, they will cry like babies then.
  18. Hi Liam, yes a much more profound effect on north mids northward just round the corner. In fact the xcw forecast on the 06Z is a major upgrade for south yorks this eve and over night. Managed 52.2mph last night, nowt special but fun all the same. Rain imminent here according to the radar.Major storm still showing for next weds eve too.
  19. For a moment I lost control of every oraface there. Yikes32.9 mph now rising quickly.
  20. Spent contrails are really shifting here, moving faster than the low fair weather cumulus
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