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  1. This on bbc news app. "The Met Office said there were signs the cold easterly flow could last into next week and possibly into the following week"
  2. Not posted on netweather for a long time. Just got back from Wakefield and theres barely 3" at calder park. I have 11" on the bins now and snowing hard here in Darton, Barnsley. The showers look to be merging on the radar. Some say...... One of his legs gets longer when he sees a pretty lady..... And that if he was going to issue an amber warning, he'd make sure at least 2cm of snow was forecast.... All we know is, he's called the beast from the east!
  3. Are other models downgrading the weds night storm or is it just GFS? BBC news still going for a modest pasting tommorow night.
  4. Super rapid pressure rise too. Edit, 987.5 just 10 mins on
  5. Up to 55 mph in the last few mins on my Velo / Inspeed Vortex kit.
  6. I can't read. Daily express should suit me fine.
  7. Theres a mountain of money set aside by the banks yet you have still done nothing about it..... The guy looks suicidial in that Gladstone Brookes ad.
  8. Beethoven tends to annoy me after a little while for some reason. Liszt for me.
  9. Just seen bbc 13:30 weather, displaying 60 mph gusts from leeds southward now, 60 miles or so northward shift. All of west and south yorkshire including southern most parts of north yorks inline now.
  10. I am likley barking up the wrong tree but the centre looks to be curve tracking further north than the modelling was suggesting. This can be seen very well on raintoday radar loop. Looking like the centre will track just slightly under Edingborough and glasgow. This also tells me the system has / is deepening a touch faster than predicted hence the arc on the cold front.
  11. Just starting to get more breeze now (13.7 mph) A long way to go
  12. Well, looks like a good chance to test out my new Inspeed Vortex anemometer this eve. Impressed with it so far. Update rates are sharp. 0 to 7 mph... every 2 sec 8 to 15 mph... every 1 sec 16 to 25 mph... 4 times a second 26 to 45 mph... 8 times per second. Spinner is mounted 12 M up on roof with 4 M roof clearence.
  13. Haha, loving that 992 High pressure north of Barney!
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