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  1. Cold out there today 1.6c it's been dropping since mid morning.
  2. Coming down nicely 😊
  3. Yeah defiantly saw two flashes
  4. Sleet has turned to wet snow nowπŸ˜€πŸ˜€ temp 1.9c dew 0.3
  5. Yeah it was on the 13th, absolute cracker of a storm when I took that screen grab we were getting a 62 strike rate per minute! what stood out for me was just how dark it went even though it was 6pm
  6. There was a great storm September last year, I've never known it get so dark during daylight hours
  7. Just came home from Xmas party in 'tropical' bournmouth nice to see i have snow drift in the back garden and up the patio doors😁😁
  8. Coming down nicely 20171208_075155_1.mp4
  9. Cold front defiantly gone through here
  10. I was in Dumfries yesterday and It snowed down to sea level with -4 uppers so we have some chance if we get the precip!!
  11. Had a gust of 60mph according to my weather station around 3am which doesn't happen that often around here, certainly woke me up.
  12. Quatar flight into Birmingham diverted to Stansted eventually!!
  13. Wow nice!, 20170113_080707.mp4
  14. Using the car windscreen method lol definitely on the turn now.