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  1. Looks like the remains of a storm or what was a strong updraft @Liam Burge
  2. Amazing temperature contrast at 850hpa level over Canada possible next week according to the ECM. +25C at 120hrs 0c 24hrs later!
  3. Rain has been pouring down for 2.5hours here, 43mm so far!!
  4. Feels so 'warm' this afternoon with the higher humidity and dew point, Lovely
  5. Almost 3 times rainfall the we had last last month already here
  6. Amazing Sky after the Squall line passed through!
  7. Half way point in April now, temp average so far is 5.5c Average for March was 7.0c Certainly has been dry here with only 2.4mm of rain so far, on the back of a dry March which had only 20.4mm
  8. Light flurry of snow here in the sunshine at 6.4C Bonkers!! Air obviously very cold and Dry not far above our heads.
  9. Another snow event added to this winter's list
  10. Will feel positively Balmy! 30MPH gusts here with a temp of -3.7C Brrrrrr
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