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  1. I see a blob heading Dungannon direction though it may go south......or fade away
  2. Ooh thanks for that........showing 70% here.......just a shame not many blobs about lol
  3. Cookstown showing a temp of 1.9 & dewpoint of zero so here's hoping..
  4. Just a light covering on the grass here. Really was expecting a little more by this stage. The radar really does look good though, if only it would start to stick.
  5. Woke up to a lovely white blanket in Dungannon & it's just started snowing heavily again Only downside is i have to go to work soonish
  6. Big, big blob north of Scotland heading our way? Am not quite ready to give up yet
  7. Yea, i was working last night & thought the front doors were going to blow in!
  8. God it's wild out there atm.........wish i'd fixed me weather station Heading to the shop for candles just in case.
  9. Woke up to a nice covering in Dungannon this morning
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