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  1. is being sucked back into the bog

  2. As so many of the beautiful people on NW have already added theirs (and Mondy), and as this thread therefore definitely needs bringing down to a more human level, and as jethro is sitting there, just surrounded by love... and, due to a total absence of popular demand, which I fully expect to continue after this, here goes: :)P
  3. A couple are standing, perplexed, in front of a picture in the National Gallery. It shows three black men sitting naked on a bench. Two of the men have black P*****s, but the man in the middle has a pin Tuts. The curator, seeing the couple's confusion, comes up to them and offers a long, complicated explanation. He describes how the picture is a classic example of black representation in Art. He explains how the pink Tuts can be seen as symbolising the ritual emasculation of black men by Whites throughout history. He goes on to explain how that artist has tried to show an understanding o
  4. Just a quick thank you, Mr. D., for all the fine work you do on NW. :)P
  5. Sorry, its a .wma file; it doesn't appear to have loaded. I'll try again :(P No, it won't let me. I'll type it out later, but it won't be the same. :)P
  6. Chili Pepper sent this one from work. if you are under 18, don't download it. It isn't very rude, but it contains a naughty word. Made me laugh. :)P
  7. Radio 4 news last night featured a family from the UK who are among a couple of dozen Brits who have been stuck at JFK since Wednesday - no flights, no hotel rooms, no help from American Airlines. I hope those of you with flights planned have more luck! (and a room reservation) :)P
  8. I found this site while browsing & thought I'd give you a chance to check it out, mainly for the 1700 + free photo archive. In addition, Aftenposten, the Norwegian newspaper, ahs some reports today on recent Aurorae: http://www.northern-lights.no/ :)P
  9. As always, Mr. D., you have come up with some gems of information. NW would be so much the poorer without you. Thanks for all that; it gives us a chance to think ahead about what new records might fall, once again, this Winter. :)P
  10. Just found this on Reuters; thought some might enjoy it; where, if anywhere, do you think it would 'fit'? Don't titter.
  11. Help. Been looking netwide for historic data on sunshine hours in Portsmouth/Southsea for ages now, and can't find anything more recent than the Met's archive data to 1975 or so; can't find anywhere which shows July sunshine hours to date. I'm interested, because I think there could be records broken. TY
  12. That's what I suspected. Thanks for the help. Subject closed (unless anyone else has something to say).
  13. Thankyou, Paul. Next question: what, if any, is the correlation between the UK average temp. on the 16 day forecast and the CET? Should I currently adjust upwards, in the light of conditions/forecasts and, if so, by how much?
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