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  1. Looking like it could go bang any moment here in Swindon. Sun is out but the sky looks really dark!
  2. Cloud was bubbling up nicely here since early this morning. It's all gone now clear blue sky.
  3. Thunder in Swindon. No lightning the wind has picked up a little.
  4. It's really windy here also been all night. Ive just ventured out and it's still really mild??? Thought it suppose to be a lot cooler today? Or is this to come later.
  5. Thunder just heard here in swindon sky has gone very dark
  6. Some nice thunder and lighning earlier in swindon. Been quiet for about 45 mins and boom it's all started again.
  7. Wow! We have it back in Swindon. Loads of thunder and lightning earlier went quiet for a bit and boom it's back. Was trying to get a few hours zzz till the next round but been woken again.
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