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  1. Most of it seems to have passed to my north, now. Looking like it's still going strong, well worth it if you are downwind of me
  2. Absolutely amazing lightning and thunder here in Rochester. Most of it CC but some CGs mixed in.
  3. It's forecast to connect with the surface. Most of the time it's been elevated
  4. Constant low rumble and very frequent lightning to my entire southern vista, even to my SE. I reckon about 30 minutes away before it wakes the kids.
  5. The choice has been made. It's the one on the right, and Mickey and his cocoa can forget it
  6. First rumble of thunder heard, here in Rochester. Sounded low and menacing.
  7. Lightning from the storm north of London fading from view, here. Lightning from the channel now clearly visible. From Rochester. Which is miles away. Never known anything quite like it
  8. Silly amount of aircraft overhead here. Obviously avoiding the trouble everywhere else! Must be amazing looking out the window.
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