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  1. Proper peed of by this cloud and easterly wind only a few miles south and west and temps could reach 25 19 and chilly here in herts. Supposed to be like that tomorrow too
  2. It's a little higher up in herts right now stretching to the edge of London
  3. Storm just about reached welwyn and Hatfied . Here in Stevenage had rumbles for about 3 hours. But storm never reached us despite being only 5 miles away . Just some rain and alot of rumbles. Was just to the west of us going mainly north . London storm insane despite only being 30 miles away.
  4. All a bit peculiar hot but much fresher than yesterday in herts
  5. Poor little boy struck by lightning in Blackpool
  6. What an amazing piece of film and it coming straight for him!!
  7. It's a shame blossom just in full bloom and will all be gone in this wind
  8. Thunder lightning hailing now heavy snow in herts All in half hour.
  9. Thunder heard stevenage. Large squall line from below the south coast all the way up to the North
  10. Thunder heard in Stevenage . Squall line with very heavy rain passing through
  11. very heavy a squall line showing currently through herts some strikes showing
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