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  1. Next week looks horriffic for storm phobics Monday evening right through to Thursday
  2. Typical Bbc stated storms here in herts between 12 1 am. Then took the warning off. Now i noticed its back! Better get the ipod ready!
  3. Certainly was great hail .waited all summer for that. Thunder hail rain wind!
  4. Electricians say pull all appliances otherwise will be expensive replacements. Also get a spike for your pc will automatically switch off if there is a surge
  5. Thunder flies were very common in the 76 summer! Watch those storms in the channel
  6. Suddenly BBC saying storms for home counties after saying would be nothing for days. Could they just have6 seen the monsters from France racing across. In all directions
  7. BBC suddenly saying home counties may now get storms tonight after saying nothing for a week. Could it be they just seen the monsters leaving the French coast. They are well spread out.
  8. No not confusing anything most forecasts made it very clear storms would start from late morning onwards continuing all day. BBC also had live forecasts last night and this morning indicating this
  9. No not at all most forecasts very clearly stated storms would be severe on the south east from about 11am onwards. couldn't have been clearer
  10. How bizarre. I'm a storm phobic but still like watching them on screen (odd I know) This week has been a nightmare but due to modern technology I'm able to track the storms. For a week now all stations have said today is the big day. That there would be severe storms here Hertfordshire from about 11am today. Well there has bern zilch. It moved to 4pm now 5pm. It shows even with all our modern technology it can be off track. Criticism of the met Office and of peoples expectations of them, they have been frightened into forecasting far to early and making the forecasts bigger than they actually are. Partly our fault with the expectation of 24 seven forecasts. All in all so far been a warm humid pleasant day.
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