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  1. How bizarre its 16 degrees out there right now. Tomorrow will go down by 1 degree in the day and by night time it will be only 5 degrees . How mad is that.?
  2. The past year the met office seem keen to warn days early of storms in south east ramp up the warnings in the morning both for very heavy rain and storms only for it to do a kent clipper. I would say this has happened at least 5 plus times this year with nothing remotely close. They just cover themselves now.
  3. I think it will not come that far north rain yes but the storms look further east
  4. Storm just reaching dover now but the rest really is moving east. So the coast will see most of the action. Warmer outside than it felt earlier. Very close
  5. Not according to Affinity water they send emails out last week warning of water shortages in the spring!
  6. We are only 30 miles north and mainly rain rather than thunder. Most storms appear east or north of london ut only ever aboutbl 20 miles away Take a look at the radar
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