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  1. That year I was recovering from chickenpox. The month began with a memorable plume with intense thunderstorms moving northwards. The rest of the summer was poor.
  2. Very sad news. Those of a certain age should remember this.
  3. Heard distant thunder to my W/NW earlier and just now moderate rain shower. Winds now NW from SW.
  4. If the Sun/Warmth arrives this Sunday; When do we go out; Why is it a good idea; What should we do to lift the mood! Veni, Vidi, Vici Julius Caesar (100-44BC)
  5. emax you're so very wrong again! To claim that the markets are nothing is so far out. The markets represent the monetary system, which underpins the banking system which underpins the economy and which is then represented in people's voting patterns. What do you think your pension is invested in? Tulip bulbs?
  6. Professor Nassim Nicholas Taleb being interviewed on BBC Radio 4 about the coronavirus from a risk perspective.
  7. Couple of points: 1. List of Coronavirus symptoms (comparing to cold and flu) have been printed in the newspapers as well as online. 2. Regarding Behavioural Science, Professor NN Taleb (@nntaleb) has again criticised, see tweet dated 15 March 2020 1.28pm.
  8. The potential ban of UK flights by President Trump and his team of advisers is also beginning to concentrate minds. Banning flights is a good example of reducing fat tail risk (see @nntaleb tweet 11/03/2020 6.20pm).
  9. 7c and 68mm please. Variable month, drier and one Spanish plume.
  10. My February 2020 forecast (see sig below) is likely wrong. 6.1c and 67mm please.
  11. More classic New Wave/Synth Pop. Visage - Fade To Grey (Lionel Simon extended remix) 1980/2016 This unofficial extended remix incorporates the orchestral version into the synth version. Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Electricity 1980
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