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  1. The cell moving away that not long dumped it’s deluge and had very high up sounding booms for a time
  2. Just had the most weirdest black cloud overhead and a monsoon for 5 mins. Could hear constant booms from it and then it just stopped and sun is back out now. Nothing showing on the lightning detector either.
  3. Thunder! Sounds so weird, deep booming and high up. Excuse the crazy chicken you can hear over the fence lol IMG_5141.MOV IMG_5140.MOV
  4. This is a really weird storm by me in Wrexham. Constant grumbling and then you get a massive fart like boom that goes on forever. Not seen any lightning so far but am loving this!
  5. If I can’t get lightning and thunder then Prosecco will have to do as 2nd best lol
  6. The only thing crawling in Wrexham tonight, is me after 2 bottles of Prosecco
  7. Yes this is towards the south of Wrexham. Died off now but we’ve got the rain just hitting here. I WANT THUNDER lol
  8. My view again at the moment towards the south/south west (lightning tracker says between Oswestry and Wem)
  9. Been hanging out the bedroom window listening to this storm rumbling away Saw one massive flash but that’s it. Seems to be dying off now.
  10. Pretty regular Thunder rumbling away to my north west now (towards Holt way) Had a massive heavy shower but sun trying to come out. Hopefully will kick things off again. Very humid!
  11. Noticed the clouds had gone very dark to my south west, here in Wrexham. Took this pic and then there was a loud rolling grumble of thunder lol.
  12. Really dark to my south west as well and extremely muggy. I can’t see anything happening though either tbh. Might be pleasantly surprised though. Will be peed off with just rain though, as I wanted a bbq this evening haha
  13. Just had about 8-10 flashes and rumbles from a storm on the outskirts of Wrexham. We’ve had more storms here in a week than we can have in a whole year lol
  14. Just been for a little storm chase up to Bangor on Dee and back. Seen about 10 good bolts of lightning and some LOUD thunder. Not managed to catch any of camera, but liked these clouds! Thought a tornado was going to drop down at one point lol Can anyone tell me - are these the updrafts?
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