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Please share your photos from the long weekend to our Easter weekend 2019 photo gallery!



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  1. just got your storm lol

    1. SarahWxm


      Just seen this sorry. Hope it was a good one! Lol

  2. Had a few more good rumbles and one flash of lightening seen yay!
  3. Had about 6 decent rumbles of thunder here in Wrexham. Not seen any lightning. Feeling very muggy!
  4. Dry here now but still clammy and clouds really ominous looking. Not thundered for a bit now. Was a decent bit of thunder - did you get any lightning?
  5. We had a massive deluge of rain just before the thunder started and it was stopping and starting like someone was turning a tap on and off lol
  6. Lots of thunder rumbling for the past 45 mins in the Wrexham area. Not seen any lightning yet. So humid it’s unbearable.
  7. Cheers. Yeah I thought it added to it having the train pulling out. Took a 10 min video as well but the screen shots won’t upload as good big file sizes. Btw for those in Aylesbury - was the thunder loud? Cos I couldn’t hear anything where I am. Just the lightning.
  8. It looks it!! The lightning was amazing watching from Chiswick Park tube station!
  9. I’m on the tube just heading to Chiswick Park now to get the car. Awesome lightning seen coming into Hammersmith. Need to get off the train and see this!!! Lol
  10. Woweee just been sitting at the side of the London Eye watching the distant storm. Is it towards Aylesbury way? Not sure. Lightning is constant. Fabulous. What a treat I’m having this weekend!
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