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  1. Ah well, back to the real world. Who am i kidding, will be back for the 12z
  2. Kind of weird how everything reverses but by the end we end up in a similar flat pattern to the usual, with a mundane contental easterly rather than a mundane Atlantic westerly.
  3. Finally! We have snow pellets but it’ll do!
  4. Whether I actually see any decent snow this winter, i'm just so glad that boring period of weather is out of the way! Been glued to the models since before Christmas though. Does anyone have any methods for not getting obsessed? Something like not bothering when interest is more than +180 away?
  5. The fact he so openly criticises the scare stories is excellent! I can also understand why many do not want to be so vocal about medium term models, not only because of how easily people can misinterpret stuff on twitter but also because they have more more of a following from the general public.
  6. Please tell me this is a joke Comment you replied to I mean
  7. WOW just look at that toasty run up to Christmas. Also just just at the difference between this and the 12z.
  8. Well that all went down hill rather quickly didn't it!
  9. I’m going to be the person who’s trying to be level headed so here goes. We could be in a much worse position this time of year. It’ll be nice even if we get a chilly Christmas.
  10. Bloody hell I thought a big lorry had gone by, then the rain started!
  11. Had some nice isolated storms there the other week. Doesn't it just show the true impact of such storms though? The most spectacular storm iv'e ever seen was on mainland Spain near Reus. Our plane landed just before the storm arrived, seeing lightning strikes from the aircraft was quite shocking. We then had to wade ankle deep through water off of our coach into the hotel, followed by an evening of spectacular anvil crawlers. Finally on our way back home, we had flash flooding in the street again, followed by the most amazing take off at sunset with brilliant CB clouds in the sunset. I have photos, the first ones I uploaded to netweather. Anyway back onto topic, we have a strange almost summer like set up tomorrow. Not holding my breath but lets see.
  12. I think I’d rather have classic summer weather with the odd plume thrown in. If one thing we’ve learnt this summer it’s that heat doesn’t guarantee storms.
  13. A bolt from the blue is a bit misleading as there still has to be a storm nearby but not overhead. You don’t get lightning from clear blue sky. Sometimes lightning detectors can show false positives, in not sure of the reasons why but I’m sure someone could explain!