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  1. 2 amazing storms in Hull today. The last one was the best I’ve seen in years. The parents in law are driving from the coast to see us and just sent this pic as the storm approached them.
  2. Definitely. The usual plume events always end with the same old elevated evening storms. Don’t get me wrong, I love them but the interesting stuff is always unexpected
  3. It’s a case of turn up and see what happens isn’t it? We had a layer of thin cloud with he a few breaks in withernsea yesterday. Felt freezing the front but warm and pleasant in any sun traps. The feel made me complacent and managed to get a sunburn.
  4. Forecast for the coast according to the met office is dismal tomorrow. Let’s see how much North Sea crud we actually get.
  5. Moved back here in December. Going to miss the MCS’ like I saw down south. Today’s morning convection died off. Gorgeous proper spring day now.
  6. Oh dear, now I have egg on my face.. I hope I didn’t cause offence. Just a little tongue and cheek. I wonder if we will see any unexpected surprises today. Hull seems to have been unlucky to catch any isolated showers of late. Already seeing some towering CU to the south of us. The bbc graphics do show a few heavy showers later on today. The metoffice forecast map seems less keen. like yesterday then Humber seems to be creating some sort of boundary allowing convention.
  7. Impressive convection for a day that was supposed to be dry. I was looking towards this cell watching some rapidly rising scud but had to leave to take the husband for his covid jab. PS I’d try to join the group but being from Hull I don’t think they’d let me in.
  8. Just overheard a woman in the supermarket next to castle hill hospital saying a friend had sent a video of a tornado nearby. Any reports?
  9. Lightning just about visible in Hull from the storms in West Yorkshire. Just shows you don’t need hot surface temps to get decent instability.
  10. Doubt there’s actually much falling from this but you never know
  11. odd since the showers are due to be winding down through tonight and tomorrow. Perhaps we are in for a few surprises.
  12. Which part are you in? Showers skirting to the north and south of me. forget that, snowing heavily again
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