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  1. Hi all, hope everyones having a good evening. Got a light covering here. The front was always forecast to break up as it came north. The thing is that the front is now sat over us. So don't worry so much about what is already on the radar. As is happening now, gaps can fill in with precip where there was non before.
  2. Heathrow taf going for prob 40 heavy snow tomorrow evening. A prob40 is always a good sign!
  3. Looks like a great sky out there at the moment from the small patch I can see. Shame I’m stuck in the office staring at coordinates.
  4. The other day showers weren’t forecast but formed around this time. We even had a crack of thunder.
  5. Snow settling on the pavements here now! I’m so surprised considering how wet it was
  6. Seems that there’s more precip forming behind the initial band. I was expecting this to be a narrow band getting ever thinner as it moved east. Hopefully this will work in our favour
  7. Yes! Bloody horrible heavy rain in Sutton now. Absolutely soaked. No sign of winteyness yet.
  8. Few things about the radar Its delayed by around five mins, so if a heavy bit is over you on radar, it’s likely already passed. The radar sometimes suffers from all sorts of anomalies so don’t take it too literally. The precip type isn’t showing any live data, it’s based on models so don’t take that literally either.
  9. Miserable rain here! I would take anything you see on the radar with a pinch of salt. Seem to be all sorts of noise going on.
  10. Well I didn’t really expect this today! Shame it always seems to end just as it gets good.
  11. Ah well, back to the real world. Who am i kidding, will be back for the 12z
  12. Kind of weird how everything reverses but by the end we end up in a similar flat pattern to the usual, with a mundane contental easterly rather than a mundane Atlantic westerly.
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