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  1. Well I wasn't expecting much from yesterday and I was all alone in the office at 5pm last night when i heard the all mightiest shot gun style thunder. Very heavy rain and interesting fast moving cloud bases. I did read a couple of reports of others hearing very loud shotgun thunder. I know the loudness of thunder is related to the distance of the strike obviously, but I wonder whether these storms has a prevalence of positive lightning strikes?
  2. Compare this to blitzortung and take note of how a supercell doesn't have to contain impressive lightning rates.
  3. What are the thoughts on today? Looking very similar to yesterday at the moment so I won’t be holding my breath for any storms.
  4. Storm exploded In 10 mins towards Epsom. Can’t believe how muggy it feels again
  5. In my head i has it that the stuff in the channel was to move up to the south coast and die out. Now I realise that it was always due to just stall. There’s no flow to bring anything into south east England
  6. May be an outflow boundary. They do shoe up on radar. Don’t always mean further development. Edit: Kind of weird how the feature hogs back about 20 miles on the next radar frame. Probably some weird radar anomaly
  7. That’s an overshooting top! I wish someone was photographing this form an aircraft
  8. That’s perfect! Puts the structure of our storms to shame. Almost a bit rude looking
  9. Thought I would come here since were being moaned at in the storm thread. Was right on the edge of the storms west of London as they went up. Constant rolling thunder like I’ve never really heard before. Not much in the way of visible lightning. Cant see the storm over France reaching us intact. I’m not a fan of storms that are already that mature the other side of the channel. The models don’t support it either. Our best chance may be something popping up ahead of it however it seems the anvil shield is well ahead of them which may suppress anything
  10. The west London storm went mad for a while. Interestingly non of it picked up by blitzortung
  11. Forget radar. These cells go up well before any rainfall shows.
  12. Wow the storms to the north west of London look amazing. Even saw managed to see a flash from here. Small radar return near Brighton right now. Fingers crossed
  13. Massive CB exploding to the north of me photo doesn’t do it justice
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