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  1. Very disappointing amounts of rain appearing across the region, everything is evaporating as it gets here, and we've seen no storms either. I'm glad it's cooler, but have just started 2 weeks annual leave (typical!) I'd have loved to have stayed at home instead of baking to death at 130'f in the glasshouses.
  2. the latest met office forecast, has the thunderstorms and rain fizzling out as it reaches the middle midlands over the weekend? A couple of days ago, it was for heavy rain over the whole region....this is worrying and we need rain again :-(
  3. I got around 9 hours sleep last night when in and out of polytunnels too, I think I had a touch of heat exhaustion as I had a bout of diarrhoea when I got home, and I felt dreadful, I went to bed at 8.45pm. More of the same work today, although I feel slightly better than yesterday morning, I shall be glad when it drops down in to the low 20s again, that means it'll only be around 90'f in the polytunnels, instead of 130'f
  4. Will be in the mid to high 50'c at work today, so I personally am not enjoying this spell. Also, looking after disabled people who cannot understand that if they are too hot, going and sitting in the glasshouses or polytunnels, is not going to cool them down lol. I think we're going to have to do board games today, rather than horticulture. My perfect summer weather is around 21'c to 22'c with a breeze and scattered cloud, but I suppose each to their own :-)
  5. Our multispan polytunnels at work regularly get above 40'c in summer, with a high of 56'c a few years ago, plus 100% humidity, and the sun beating down on you. We're only allowed in there in 15 minute intervals to avoid heatstroke or just passing out
  6. I'm hoping for some really big storms here later today though, we need the rain here as I just planted some stuff on my allotments, and there's no water supply there
  7. I always say "life's like a box of chocolates....there're never enough nutty ones"
  8. This is the sad view from my bedroom window. Ask anyone any normal year ,what month it is, they'd say a winter month, not the first of may
  9. On the webcam, there's a group of around 8 people standing right in the path of the lava flow lol! I'm sure it's not the end of an eruption, I think it'll carry on for a few weeks. You can't have that many earthquakes for such a piddling little thing like that. Let's just hope it doesn't do a 'Laki' on us, although the way the past year has gone, it wouldn't surprise me
  10. This front seems to be moving pretty quickly, and it's still got a lot of moisture in it? Now I've booked a slot at the tip at 2.15pm, do you think i'll be cutting it fine for getting back in time before getting snowed upon? :--p
  11. The thermometer was -7.4'c last time I looked, the coldest night since 2010 here
  12. -4.7'c here already , we had a heavy snow shower just before it got dark, that's helped the temps fall, a lot
  13. Looks good To the east for a lot of the Midlands. Looks like a bit of rotation too, like a small low forming? That would be epic!! Btw, light snow here atm
  14. i'm ready for the better weather to get here now, I had a whiff of spring in the glasshouses at work when the sun came out today, we've done tons better than last winter, for snow, so i'm happy.
  15. Been stuck under the streamer all day yesterday and all last night, but it's not as good as you'd think, the total accumulation is around 1 inch, but it seems the same as yesterday will happen, and it'll melt off during the day. I hope it doesn't but ..meh! So, if you think us under the streamer have awoken to Narnia, not quite :-)
  16. The streamer is still dropping bursts of snow over us, but the melting was keeping up with the falling snow, so it's not accumulated. Now, give it a couple of hours and I think we could be in business, as lots more is lined up in the east. Keep the faith guys, we still have at least four days left
  17. Temperature just crept above zero here now, at only 10am I think today can be written off now
  18. Come on folk! The cold spell has only been with us properly for less than 24 hours, there are lots of things that can change and go in our favour. Remember, the best snow events are the ones that pop up unannounced, like the amber warning have just east of us. Anyway, lets enjoy the bitter cold wind and snow blowing about in it, because that hardly ever happens :-)
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