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  1. 3.8'c last night, with a ground frost. ealiest in this area for 40 years, according to bablake weather
  2. Is Stromboli getting more dangerous? there have been two huge eruptions, (by its own standards) In a month or so. And I didn't know Stromboli could have such dangerous pyroclastic flows like that, otherwise folk would not live on that island......time to start thinking abou a long term desertion of that island?
  3. I just bought a new weather station, and am looking for a site to upload the data to automatically via WiFi?

    Does anyone have any good sites that I may use please? 🙂

    1. Mapantz


      Are you referring to sites that already host personal weather station data? Or, your own website?

    2. cyclonic happiness

      cyclonic happiness

      yes, ones that host pws

    3. Mapantz
  4. back building of the type you'd never see if it were snow in the winter Been raining here too for 2 days solidly
  5. Can anyone answer whether the +20'c 850s ,have ever got as far north as the Faeroe islands before?? that is truly astonishing to see?! :-0
  6. By the way, has there been any cloud to ground strikes, 100% here has been cc
  7. Pretty awful day here. almost 1 inch of rainfall, 96% humidity and the temps are a disappointing 16.4'c
  8. Some shower activity setting up in the south of the region, heading north
  9. it's the size of it, where all the other lakes in the area are to scale
  10. I think it may be, but the size is way out of proportion
  11. it's way too large for that, just look at lake Onega , it's tiny compared
  12. I'm not bad at geography, but when watching the latest Met Office forecast, a huge mystery lake has appeared to the north of the Caspian sea in Russia? Any explanations?
  13. Well, apart from a bit of mugginess ,we've had no rain here so far
  14. I wonder how today's rainfall will manage to miss this part of the region? It's so dry here some of the trees have started to drop leaves, and the carrots I planted 3 weeks ago, have still yet to germinate on the allotment. Also, I planted some brassicas yesterday, and there was no moisture for over 1 foot down !! So, it's starting to get serious here, and even all the promised rainfall we were supposed to get this week as per my phone's weather app, it's downgraded to sunshine and showers (which means dry). I really, really hope today brings some meaningful rain, but in all honesty, we needs 2-3 weeks' of proper rainfall to stock the ground back up. fingers crossed!!
  15. This winter has been so dry, i'm sure we'll be in drought again soon. This storm has dropped no meaningful rain yet still, we're stuck in the midlands dry zone as usual
  16. Beautiful winter synoptics on offer in the not too distant land of FI, and 100% likely to come off now that we are all looking forward to warmer weather. It's hilarious if you think about it
  17. I don't know, 50-60mph gales in the central Midlands is very concerning, seeing as we hardly ever get gales nowadays here
  18. That's not really a problem, seeing as the SSW has delivered mostly nothing to the country, perhaps we need the SSW to dissipate to allow the colder weather to get a hold. This year has been a very strange one, and things are not running as they should
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