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  1. I can't sleep if the temperature goes over 10'c in the bedroom I have the windows wide open all winter, and even if it's only just above freezing in the room, it makes me sleep like a baby I just have lots of blankets. Also, you wake up straight away in the morning after throwing the covers back on a frosty morning....highly invigorating
  2. There's a hook developing on the latest radar to the storm just west of Coventry. Interesting...
  3. Reports of a funnel cloud over Nuneaton last night. We seem to be the hot spot for tornadoes in this area
  4. this prolonged spell cannot surely last? We are being spoilt to the enth degree? I fear summer, we will pay the price
  5. What is with the blob of rain that's just sitting to the west of me over Brum? It's just not moving, really weird?
  6. I wonder what imaginative way the shower will choose to miss this location. We haven't had a proper April shower for a few years now... maybe we shall the next few days>?
  7. I'm wondering what affect the lack of pollution will have this spring and summer. The air is already so much more breathable, the skies have no con trails, which invariably spread out into milky cirrostratus, which turns nice summer's days into just cloudy summer's days. It's an interesting 'experiment' don't you think? ?
  8. Really hope you feel better soon matey ? chin up ay?
  9. China has declared it has had a day free of new diagnosed infections..... does anyone actually believe this? They not even got a vaccine yet? Surely the infections will just burst forth again after the lockdown is lifted? Italy is fast catching up with China's deaths too. The one odd thing I've not seen yet in Europe, that was in China, is that people were collapsing in the streets and then were carted off with men in hazmat suits? I wonder if China has a different strain to the European covid or something, there are just lots of things that don't tally with the European outbreak? Maybe we've just not yet reached the level of infection that Wuhan had yet? So many questions about this, aren't there?
  10. the things you see when you haven't got your gun!
  11. Maybe the one good thing to come out of all this would be the abolition of zero hour contracts? I think that people aren't financially able to stop working, will be one of the biggest groups of 'spreaders'. Also, state funded child care..... this is supposed to be the 21st century, yet worker rights have gone backwards
  12. it's not that so much as the "why should I?" *stamps foot* attitude. If we are told to stay in.....we stay in
  13. oh come on, what if you were carrying and not knowing it? Why should you put the rest of us at risk just for 2 weeks stuck inside?
  14. So, does anyone know whether there has been any international verification of China's claim that they are winning the battle? There's no foreign press reports I can find, and I think it's a bit too soon for them to be shutting temporary hospitals (unless shutting means moth balling?) and all this celebrating they're doing.....they've won a battle (possibly) not a war. I'm sure the minute they open up the cities again, it'll be an upward swoop of infections again until there is a vaccine. Also, all that celebrating is in very bad taste considering the state of the rest of the world atm.
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