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  1. I'm hoping for some really big storms here later today though, we need the rain here as I just planted some stuff on my allotments, and there's no water supply there
  2. I always say "life's like a box of chocolates....there're never enough nutty ones"
  3. This is the sad view from my bedroom window. Ask anyone any normal year ,what month it is, they'd say a winter month, not the first of may 🙁
  4. On the webcam, there's a group of around 8 people standing right in the path of the lava flow lol! I'm sure it's not the end of an eruption, I think it'll carry on for a few weeks. You can't have that many earthquakes for such a piddling little thing like that. Let's just hope it doesn't do a 'Laki' on us, although the way the past year has gone, it wouldn't surprise me
  5. This front seems to be moving pretty quickly, and it's still got a lot of moisture in it? Now I've booked a slot at the tip at 2.15pm, do you think i'll be cutting it fine for getting back in time before getting snowed upon? :--p
  6. The thermometer was -7.4'c last time I looked, the coldest night since 2010 here
  7. -4.7'c here already , we had a heavy snow shower just before it got dark, that's helped the temps fall, a lot
  8. Looks good To the east for a lot of the Midlands. Looks like a bit of rotation too, like a small low forming? That would be epic!! Btw, light snow here atm
  9. i'm ready for the better weather to get here now, I had a whiff of spring in the glasshouses at work when the sun came out today, we've done tons better than last winter, for snow, so i'm happy. 🙂
  10. Been stuck under the streamer all day yesterday and all last night, but it's not as good as you'd think, the total accumulation is around 1 inch, but it seems the same as yesterday will happen, and it'll melt off during the day. I hope it doesn't but ..meh! So, if you think us under the streamer have awoken to Narnia, not quite :-)
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