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  1. Right at the back of this morning's GFS, but it's so good to see the 'deep blues' hitting Britain. let the chase begin! *blows bugle*
  2. 3.8'c last night, with a ground frost. ealiest in this area for 40 years, according to bablake weather
  3. Is Stromboli getting more dangerous? there have been two huge eruptions, (by its own standards) In a month or so. And I didn't know Stromboli could have such dangerous pyroclastic flows like that, otherwise folk would not live on that island......time to start thinking abou a long term desertion of that island?
  4. I just bought a new weather station, and am looking for a site to upload the data to automatically via WiFi?

    Does anyone have any good sites that I may use please? 🙂

    1. Mapantz


      Are you referring to sites that already host personal weather station data? Or, your own website?

    2. cyclonic happiness

      cyclonic happiness

      yes, ones that host pws

    3. Mapantz
  5. back building of the type you'd never see if it were snow in the winter Been raining here too for 2 days solidly
  6. Can anyone answer whether the +20'c 850s ,have ever got as far north as the Faeroe islands before?? that is truly astonishing to see?! :-0
  7. By the way, has there been any cloud to ground strikes, 100% here has been cc
  8. Pretty awful day here. almost 1 inch of rainfall, 96% humidity and the temps are a disappointing 16.4'c
  9. Some shower activity setting up in the south of the region, heading north
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