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Richard Jeffries

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    Rosliston, South Derbyshire
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    Meteorology is my main hobby and I run my own private weather station. This includes: a large pattern Stevenson Screen, max and min thermometers, dry and wet-bulb thermometers, grass min thermometer, earth temperatures down to 100cm, snowdon raingauge, aneroid barometer, precision barometer, baragraph, thermograph, hygrograph and anemometer. <br /><br />I have also recently upgraded to a wireless La Crosse WS2500 which I run alongside my mannual set up. My readings are taken daily at 0900hrs and are sent to Climatogogical Observers' Link (COL), the East Midlands Weather Front (Royal Met Publication) and British Weather Services. I also write regular columns in local newspapers.<br /><br />I am especially interested in extreme weather - namely high/low temperatures, heavy rainfall and storms.
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