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  1. I think it's peaked here. Max temp was 35.0C and it's now down half a degree. Absolutely stifling outside.
  2. 31.4 here in Gravesend and climbing - will definitely beat the hottest day of the year so far (32).
  3. Sudden flash of lightning and loud thunder in Gravesend... can't say I was expecting that given it's only been lightly spitting with rain.
  4. Quite a few streaks of lightning and loud thunder here in Gravesend.
  5. Current Heathrow TAF is as follows: EGLL 121056Z 1212/1318 23008KT 9999 -RA BKN020 TEMPO 1212/1216 4000 RA BKN008 BECMG 1215/1217 33016G26KT TEMPO 1216/1220 1200 SNRA BKN004 PROB30 TEMPO 1217/1220 33022G36KT 0500 SN BKN001 BECMG 1219/1222 29012KT 9999 NSW FEW020 TEMPO 1307/1309 30018G28KT 1200 -SN BKN004 BECMG 1309/1311 31020G32KT So they expect rain until 4pm then rain/snow until 8pm with lowish (1.2km) visibility and a chance snow will drop visibility to 500m. If that happened they'd definitely need to space out flights more and thus cancel a few.
  6. Coldest night of the winter so far here, was -4.1C half an hour ago. I don't want to walk to the station...
  7. The SE of England is still due to have CAPE/LI reach impressive levels overnight: However, (partially from an IMBY perspective) not all will necessarily generate storms. There appears to be significant capping (though I defer to more knowledgeable members to correct me if I'm not interpreting this correctly!) affecting Kent in particular: This would seem to tie in with the Estofex Level 2 forecast which notes: So, as always, some will see impressive storms and some won't. Window-based nowcasting is probably your best bet!
  8. Some of the storm clouds moving up the Channel as seen from Camber Sands today...
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