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  1. Watching the radar last night it was insane how we managed to miss literally everything! We were ripe for something nasty, but it just didn't hit. How we managed that amongst a sea of sferics, I will never know.
  2. Had a very odd day yesterday. We had storms moving up into our town for several hours, giving off distant rumbles of thunder, but the second they'd come to within a mile or so of Falmouth, they'd die. I also feel very sorry for The Lizard that suffered some serious flooding during the afternoon period! Happily managed to miss the storms entirely last night, but watched them on radar traveling up from the Channel. Oh, and does any one know what that strange swirling, rotating mass of storms was that hit around the London area moving NEwards during the late afternoon/evening? I've neve
  3. That explains it then. Thanks for that! I was beginning to wonder if some kind of end-of-the-world scenario was playing out on my doorstep for a minute there. I must admit I do like the sound of rain, but boy did I pick the wrong afternoon to do my shopping!
  4. Honestly beginning to get a bit concerned about flooding in my little town. We've had some of the heaviest rainfall I've ever seen (including a ton of hail) trained on us almost solidly since 11am, and it shows no sign of stopping. It actually looks like it's been snowing in my garden. No thunder yet, as it happens. I don't suppose any one has a small boat I can borrow if I suddenly need to escape?
  5. The only other radar that seems to be recording similar strikes is Sat24.
  6. Why are there so many strikes out in the SW/south of Ireland? Are all of them false? I don't seem to be able to pick them up on any other radar.
  7. Had an overhead clap of thunder about 15 minutes ago. Very bright lightning. We've had more thunder here over the last 5 months than we normally get in 10 years.
  8. Had a hell of a storm crash through here from around 5am to 6am. Made a dreadful amount of noise, although it dropped very little rain. I can see it's still going on further east even now!
  9. One rather pleasant rumble of thunder around 5pm and that was our lot. I'm amazed that Falmouth received such bad weather, as I'm literally a mile down the road, and all we got here was moderate rain.
  10. Just stopping by and wishing my friends a

    happy xmas

  11. I remember one time, about 3 years ago, when I was in Surrey living with other students, and we had thunder and lightning with snow. The snow was pretty heavy for about an hour and then stopped. It wasn't even that late in the year. The lightning was very bright and the thunder fairly loud too.
  12. I think that may be the one I've been trying to remember for a long time. I was woken by it too, and have never heard anything like it since. I thought at one point it would being the house down.
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