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  1. Hope this scenario verifies! September has consistently delivered a warm settled spell like this chart shows.
  2. Thankyou for sharing this site, I've never heard of it! It's ace!
  3. Sat in the Judge lodgings in York centre, it's gone very dark, windy and it feels like I could be in luck for a storm!
  4. I'm heading to Pembrokeshire camping Friday to Monday
  5. Was 16°C and humid when leaving the house at 4:30am. Felt lovely! Now at a deserted T1 at Manchester Airport...
  6. Rumbles of thunder in the distance over Bradford... Hoping one passes overhead for the first storm of 2020 round here ?
  7. No storms in here in Bradford all week, I could see the might of a Supercell over the Pennines on Tuesday though... It's been absolutely miserable all day here too. Dank & drizzly.. roll on Saturday and a week of
  8. If we hadn't just had THEE sunniest spring on record I'd be gutted, but the inevitability of this happening after such a prolonged settled period is to be expected. Summer will definitely visit the UK, there's such an abundance of high pressure kicking about at northern latitudes it will eventually sit favourably again, in the meantime, I'm happy for all the farmers & growers out there.
  9. Here in West Yorkshire, other than last week which was cool & cloudy, this has been the best spring I've witnessed in my life. The dry summers of 2003/2006 felt like the current pattern,where once HP became established, even though I remember the models at the time showing breakdowns, you just knew HP was gonna stick around... It wasn't always favourable in location (for heat) but it was definitely in an abundance around our latitude... I read the Accuweather summer forecast today and it doesn't sound like they expect this lengthy settled spell to last that long which I hope is wrong tbh... I'm hoping the reduction in global pollution makes the Azores our friend fot at least the next couple of months!
  10. We had a Yorkshire Tuesday night with an 11pm temp of 25°C. I was sat outside just enjoying the scarcity of it.
  11. Fwiw, I've been lurking on here since '03 unofficially, '06 officially.... There's a lot of high pressure about and it's currently the dominant force, I think it's gonna be a big player for the foreseeable!.. April was a pretty special month for sun & blue skies and the models are still showing an abundance of it..Have faith!
  12. If that cold spell was to happen, am I right in thinking it could be very damaging to crops? I remember my parents always worried about frosts once the fruit trees had blossomed? The recent spell of settled weather showed a breakdown to northwestern blocking but it didn't materialise, let's hope it doesn't this time either (although it's looking ominous)
  13. Lockdown with two kids without sunshine is bloody hard! I saw early May being touted for this a while back... Fingers crossed
  14. OH MY WORD!!! I've been avoiding the charts for a few weeks as I couldn't bare looking at the outlook! A scandi high will be just the tonic for the farmers ( and us)
  15. Joe Basta rdi was suggesting the cool pool over Russia would be sufficient to cause another potential plume event here with another trough over the Atlantic... Although the price we're now paying for that last event is thoroughly depressing.
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