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  1. I hope this is wrong because It is illegal for organisations who have tendered for a contract to be disclosed prior to the tender and if it has been disclosed then everyone else has the right to demand that it be re-tendered. From what I heard on the news earlier, a MET spokesperson said that they would be tendering for the contract?
  2. In effect, the contract is out to "tender". This is standard practice these days. I work for a local housing charity and we have had to tender for the same services that we have provided for the last 18 years from our local authority. Big forms, questions that we have never been asked before, data protection, health and safety issues...etc...the list was endless. In the end we won with our bid beating off the likes of Shelter, who are a national organisation who if they wanted, could have undercut us (and probably did to get a foothold in the area). In other words, the BBC have tendered t
  3. If that storm currently north of Cumbria can keep up then I say you're going to get smacked....but the question is, will it?
  4. That'll be the one I heard...seems to be heading NNW. I just CAME from Ardrossan too!!!!
  5. Yep deffo thunder - 3 rumbles now and getting louder, out to my West and heading North. Two nights in a row after a 4 hours storm yesterday evening
  6. First distant rumble of thunder heard in Irvine, Ayrshire as I was coming in from work. Clouds are very dark and threatening here.
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