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  1. I was driving down the A1 at the time, that had crossed my soon to be path and had a very large distinctive lowering and signs of rotation. I've just logged on and looking at radar as of 2pm there appears to be a hook on that cell that corresponds to the time I observed it. However I did not actually observe any form of funnel, but it sure looked like it had the potential to drop one!
  2. If its the part where it just shows periodic symbols, then its the same thing. There is no human expertise involved. Those things are ok just to spot a general trend. You are much better off where you are here, same as me (someone with zero knowledge in forecasting) taking in the comments and local reports etc.
  3. If you are looking at an app, the 'they' as in the humans that interpret the models, have not removed the symbol, just the computer interpreted a model and updated the graphic. Those apps are worthless for situations like this
  4. Your angles are a little off, looking at lightening maps the movement is more NNE, you are showing ENE!
  5. Looking at real time lightening map, looks like right hand split / turn on the French Cell, possible Supercell? (I'm a novice so more a guess than anything!)
  6. I'm not one to get downbeat when things go bust (I'm not saying this is a bust yet) as I'm old enough and ugly enough to know that being in a Maritime air mass its always going to be difficult for models to absolutely nail these systems. As for today and tonight, I'm just going to enjoy some radar and Mk1 Eyeball nowcasting ?
  7. Have seen that but thought might just be anaprop?
  8. More likely an Amber warning for the number of numpties that have no idea on how to drive in a few CM of snow!
  9. Indeed! Luckily I am on a half day today so at least I'll get back from work in Brum without any drama. (Train to Coseley then short drive up the hill to Sedgley)
  10. My little one has a party in Stourbridge at 5:15 today, and we are in Sedgley, not sure I fancy driving across at rush hour as barely a dusting and you just know there will be gridlock!
  11. Correction, trying to turn sleety with odd wet snow flake
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