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  1. First sign of initiation in Mid Wales in the last 2 radar grabs?
  2. Interesting shape to the cell over Chelmsford.
  3. Looks like 2 new areas of initiation on last couple of radar grabs. Lets see if they can go on to be more substantial that the earlier shower.
  4. Interesting shape development to the southern cell in Wales on the 15:55 radar grab, but gone again 5 mins later. Looked like a nice little hook echo was forming to my very much uneducated eyes?!
  5. Hi Joe, a small 'cell' appeared a the NE radar, just on the Eastern edge of town. Didn't look like Anoprop. But as quick as it appeared in a couple of 5 min updates, its now almost gone again!
  6. First cell of the day firing over Exeter?