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    Storms, what else lol oh, and hot weather
  1. Stormtracker

    Departing hailstorm cloud

    Lovely picture, just abit of skill and luck with capturing the right clouds
  2. Stormtracker

    Hail shaft passing by

    very good, nice contrast
  3. Stormtracker

    Convective cloud

    great pic of a great cloud and contrast with another cloud, please leave rating and feedback, just started to experiment with my camera
  4. Stormtracker

    Cloud growth 2

    This shows inside the cloud upclose, the different layers of the cloud
  5. The cell passed to my east and in the distannce activity was still aloft
  6. Stormtracker

    Cool convection

    High level convection, kept on rolling upwards
  7. Stormtracker


    Very good pic, captured it well
  8. Stormtracker

    Small Cell

    Small cell over Ipswich, had alot of drag as the clouds were being sucked in on the edges.
  9. Stormtracker

    Cloud growth

    This clouds growth was very cool, kept growing
  10. Stormtracker


    This cloud looked like it was going to fall out of the sky. It was rotating aswell
  11. Stormtracker

    Low cloud during storm

    Weird low clouds, make your own minds up
  12. Stormtracker


    This was on the 23.5.06, loads of convection going up
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