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  1. Just talking with the wife, actually, have a rant at how living on the coast is rubbish.

    Sea breezes take the edge of temperatures during hot spells, we hardly ever get snow, and storms usually fire just inland from the coast, before trundling off in a northerly direction

    The look on her face was priceless!

    And a few unrepeatable word thrown in for good measure 🤣 if only they knew the pain us weather fanatics go through!


    also I know every snow event is different, but I wonder how far inland the snow rain boundary is?

    I'll keep an eye out, I'm sure there will be a satellite picture posted somewhere.

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  2. Just now, Drifter said:

    We could do with a top up of the cold pool though. 

    Once we start pulling in those easterlies, it will be cold enough, when you cut off the Atlantic, the continent cools rapidly at this time of year

     Also, the models usually underestimate cold pools, so we should see upgrades 

    We just need to avoid pulling warmer uppers from the med, which is a possibility, so cross those fingers and toes!

    if they haven't succumbed to frostbite by then 😁

  3. 12 minutes ago, topo said:

    Looking at ECMWF Operational can't share most people's excitement. 

    Actually 850T are looking pretty terrible in Europe.

    The only good thing is the Atlantic quietness and the "potential". Let's see if that word verifies,ever...

    At least we have a ticket to the raffle!

    I expect that when the cold air starts moving south, we should start to see the models get a better grip on more realistic temperatures, and I mean that in a good way.

    Things can cool very quickly up north at this time of the year, shortest days, ect..

    I've seen it happen many times while watching consecutive model runs.

    As the event moves closer to hour zero, you usually see the cooler 850s expand, I don't see why this time will be any different!



  4. Definitely starting to look more likely that, someone, somewhere, will do very well out of the approaching cold spell.


    We are not having to rely on the stat either! And we still have that to come 😃

    Let's hope that this will be one of those famous cold spells  we can look back on, in the years to come , we definitely deserve it.


    Wishing everyone a happy Christmas, and hopefully a snowy one 🎅🎁🌨️❄️

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  5. Had a lovely little storm here this afternoon, with  couple of close strikes, one ridiculously close, but I was moving the car to a better position when it struck, so no footage unfortunately

    I did get some nice Time lapse of the storm approaching, but i need to get it off the camera and edit it before posting.

    Also took this photo of a cell that was probably over Brighton, but could be wrong, as it looked closer.

    And that looks to be it now for the year, bar the odd cell here and there, having said that, I'm keeping an eye on a possible plume event next week, 🤞🏻




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  6. 6 minutes ago, matt111 said:

    Despite the fact the thunder stopped before it arrived that was the heaviest rain I’ve seen for a long time. And now the kitchens flooded :help: 

    Yep, just drove back home from Ferndown, and I can honestly say that was the heaviest rain I have ever experienced in my whole life!

    People also driving like complete morons, so I suspect there will be plenty of accidents on the roads.

    Good luck with the kitchen

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  7. 7 minutes ago, Alderc said:

    Not sure whats was more boring, watching the Spanish GP or looking at the radar hoping for some convective near Bournemouth......Not even seen the sun since about 5pm on Thursday....

    But I can see some blue sky, oh the excitement...

    I guessing that we have something like 0.000001% chance of getting a storm today? 

    Or is that too generous? 😂

  8. 9 minutes ago, matt111 said:

    Seems even more humid than earlier now to me. 

    Absolutely agree, looks like things are not as clear with regards to our neck of the woods, yesterday had quite a mass of storms moving into out region later this evening, but looking at the the charts posted above, it looks like any storms that do develop will probably only make it as far as Southampton ish area.

    I've not given up just yet, but if nothing kicks off again in the next 45 minutes, then that will be it for me as far as traveling goes, and if one comes to me then that will be a bonus

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