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  1. Here in Christchurch, it's Looking very dark to my south, looking at the radar, I can see a line of showers forming but I'm not expecting anything really, would love a bit of rain for the garden though Can't help but notice how calm it is outside, calm before the storm? I wish 😂
  2. Looks like we may have some warm weather on the way! Last chance saloon for a decent event, if the warm weather does materialize? I'd love to hear the thoughts of some of our more knowledgeable members on what is possible at this time of year.
  3. Had a lovely little storm here this afternoon, with couple of close strikes, one ridiculously close, but I was moving the car to a better position when it struck, so no footage unfortunately I did get some nice Time lapse of the storm approaching, but i need to get it off the camera and edit it before posting. Also took this photo of a cell that was probably over Brighton, but could be wrong, as it looked closer. And that looks to be it now for the year, bar the odd cell here and there, having said that, I'm keeping an eye on a possible plume event next week, 🤞🏻
  4. Yep, just drove back home from Ferndown, and I can honestly say that was the heaviest rain I have ever experienced in my whole life! People also driving like complete morons, so I suspect there will be plenty of accidents on the roads. Good luck with the kitchen
  5. But I can see some blue sky, oh the excitement... I guessing that we have something like 0.000001% chance of getting a storm today? Or is that too generous? 😂
  6. Lightning here in Christchurch, but I have know idea where it's coming from?
  7. Hallelujah Congratulations! I bet you never thought you would be so happy with a storm of this magnitude in this country. Nice one
  8. It appears that all the cells in the south are forming in a line stretching from Dorset to Essex, lets hope they keep going
  9. Thank you Wasn't sure about posting the first one, it looks a bit suspect on closer inspection, the cloud, or is it just me? 😂😂
  10. While we wait for boom or bust, I thought I'd post a couple of pictures of cell that was off in the distance, roughly 50 miles away
  11. Hopefully not! Looking at the radar I wouldn't totally give up if I was in your location, it's feels very juicy out there, and you are down wind from me.
  12. This is an unusual situation storm wise, as I have only ever experienced storms coming from the south, so I'm very interested to see how this evening plays out. Just need to find a new location to take pictures, as my usual spot is almost useless for storms coming from the east Good luck guys and girls
  13. It happens almost every time storms are forecast, if they don't appear exactly as the models predicted, you get the usual "it's all gone belly up" posts Give it time folks give it time...
  14. Yeah baby, looks like things are on the turn judging by the last couple of radar returns Might come to nothing, but it's a start
  15. Absolutely agree, looks like things are not as clear with regards to our neck of the woods, yesterday had quite a mass of storms moving into out region later this evening, but looking at the the charts posted above, it looks like any storms that do develop will probably only make it as far as Southampton ish area. I've not given up just yet, but if nothing kicks off again in the next 45 minutes, then that will be it for me as far as traveling goes, and if one comes to me then that will be a bonus
  16. Wow, lots of people giving up already One thing is for sure, it's still very muggy out there, and I'm right on the coast, still many hours to go yet Keep the faith
  17. Put 50p in the meter, and they will start back up😂 Nothing is free these days!
  18. Looking distinctly thundery to my south here on the south coast, but I can't see anything on radar Should be interesting to see if anything appears just off the coast of Christchurch, Bournemouth in the next few minutes
  19. Here's a thought, the south is pretty much smack bang between the two systems, where the outflow from both storm systems meet, could it trigger something?
  20. Perfect, I was planning to travel today to get to a prime location, but after a bit of pleading with the wife to change her plans, she decided to go out anyway, that must be grounds for divorce right? 😂😂😂 So I am firmly pinning my hopes on something happening closer to home. Hope you have a nice meal and possibly a storm for desert 😁
  21. Yes I kind of get the same feeling, however, Is it possible that it could also trigger new storms to form from the outflow? It's not the usual situation, were we a have to rely on French imports, we have plenty of storm food, we just need something to trigger it
  22. Bit of a request to the mods Would it be possible to have a separate thread within the storms and severe weather part of the forum, that people can post convective weather forecasts, as it becomes very time consuming scrolling through the thread trying to keep up with all the posts that come at a busy time like this. Just a thought
  23. This is the view to my east, very nice defined updrafts on the beauties Hopefully just the start of a great afternoon/evening/morning 🤣
  24. Thanks for the replies, looks like a wait and see event. Good luck guys
  25. Same here, but you only live once! One nights loss of sleep won't hurt.😉
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