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  1. Southern Storm

    Southern Storm

  2. Definitely a noticable lack of horse Chestnuts on the trees this year, also our neighbors apple tree hardly has any fruit on it compared to last year. But I think it's quite normal for trees to vary quite considerably from one year to another.
  3. Looks nice. Some will like it some will hate it, and like with anything that involves change, most will have forgotten the old style in no time! Also It would be fun if you could post a screenshot of how the forum looked when it first launched!
  4. I know, when I ventured out around midnight, I was surprised how warm it was! I'm back home now, as I have work in the morning, and I'm not waiting up to see if the shower following on behind will turn electrical This is about as exciting as the passing storm was, all cloud to cloud but still nice Captured on my phone so the quality is not very good. And finally, Good luck to everyone wishing for some storms, tomorrow should be Decent for people who have missed out up until now, keeping my fingers crossed 960696685_PXL_20210727_0004233432.mp4 PXL_20210727_001843893~2.mp4
  5. There appears to be some ended lightning in the messy precipitation behind the main storm, plus there are quite a few showers to come in the early hours, so don't be surprised if you get something between now and day break. Im well happy either way, totally didn't expect this at all!
  6. I'm sat in the car near Avon beach, intensity keeps picking up and dropping off again Southampton and the Isle of wight might be in for something in the next hour or so.
  7. Might be worth a trip down to the Sea front, just in case this develops further Metoffice do have my location down for a storm at around 1/2 am could this be the 3rd time in just a few days?
  8. This is my view looking north from Mudeford quay Lightning and thunder confirmed A pleasant surprise, is I was not expecting anything today
  9. This is a picture of the Southampton cell, looks like some nice back building going on
  10. We just need a picture of this storm from the north and the south and we'll have ourselves a 3D model So anyone on the Isle of wight and Winchester, get your cameras out!
  11. Yes and this is the culprit! Been watching it develop here in Christchurch, and it didn't take long.
  12. Good afternoon storm fans Well done to everyone that got a decent storm last night, it was decent display once the first rain band passed through. I did manage to get some shots, but I need to go through and sort them, so will post when I get a moment. The skies are starting to look better, plus we have quite a clear slot passing through, this should have an impact on getting something going for people further inland, and this is what I can see to my north Good luck, let's hope someone kicks off soon
  13. A lot more lightning off in the distance, fun time as about to start
  14. Currently sheltering from the rain in a small hut on the cliff top, activity is on the rise after a quiet spell. Also quite chilly in the wind brrrr Also a couple of shots I managed to get of the camera, cropped in though so quality is quite poor.
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