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  1. not all that active but lovely deep rumbles of thunder, and rain!
  2. The wait continues Back to the weather, a shower has formed just off the coast of Bournemouth, looks very threatening but will it give us any lightning? Nothing in the forecast so probably not
  3. This is what it looks like from here
  4. I'm currently sat at Whitefield moor in the new forest, and I've just heard thunder from the very same cell! It does look messy though.
  5. It's looking rather menacing isn't it! I promised I would take the little one out the next time there was a storm, (she's about to turn 7) but for some reason she's starting to chicken out Hopefully she won't be too frightened
  6. I can see that cell near Brighton, and I'm in Christchurch,, it's exploded in the last few minutes!
  7. Keep clocking up them sunshine hours! What a fantastic May we have had, bar a few days, long may it continue! The nice weather that is, not May obviously Similar here in Christchurch, small chance of a storm today according to Google weather, so I might pop out if anything crops up.
  8. Morning all, well we manage to get some lightning here in Christchurch, but it wasn't as intense as I expected. Lots of sheet lightning but very few forks or bolts. What are our prospects for the next few days? I'm hoping that's not it, here are a few shots I managed to capture at mudeford quay. Let's hope there will be more opportunities for storms in the next few days.
  9. Wow some really impressive storms tonight, and they have effected a wide area! I went down to my usual spot and captured a few shots Good luck to anyone who is hoping for a storm tonight, and if not I'm sure there will be other opportunities in the day's to come!
  10. Well I'm looking at some nice skyscapes to my south , and I'm liking what I see I can only assume they are the tops of the storms over in France, and if the are then wow, as they are still quite far inland
  11. I'm sat on the clifftop in highcliff, I can see Cumulous building out on the horizon, with possible thunder heard
  12. Feels like it could go bang any second!
  13. I'm keeping an eye on some clouds to my south, could this be the start?
  14. It's a tough call! As the storm moves out of France and towards the UK, I would expect it to curve to the west, but there are other factors at play for tonight's storms, what's coming up from France is not the main focus for tonight. Hopefully Estofex will have a forecast out at some point, and also one from Net weather.
  15. Good luck for tonight! Still very breezy here, but with a temperature of 26 according to Google. The last time we had a similar setup to today, we had a storm that can only be described as bonkers. Which was on the 03/07/15 which I'm sure most people remember! if it is roughly the same, then I estimate it kicking off sometime around 10pm somewhere to the west of the isle of Wight. Not very scientific but that's what one going with