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  1. So far a rinse and repeat day to yesterday. A grey cold start and 2C when I went out earlier, but hopefully the sun will break through by mid afternoon as it did on monday.
  2. A very chilly morning and very different to the weekend, just goes to show the difference sunshine makes to the feel of things at this time of year.
  3. A frost early on but glourious sunshine for most of the day. A bit more cloud now and a fine springlike day otherwise.
  4. Nice sunny start this morning but by lunchtime it had clouded over with some light drizzle and is currently very blustery but dry again.
  5. What a difference this afternoon, now its feling like spring with the bright sunshine and mild temperatures.
  6. Spring?!! I wish... Its distinctly like november out there today, mild, wet and windy and thoroughly depressing with it!
  7. A thoroughly miserable afternoon, I had really hoped the rain could have been kept to a minimum its going to be flooded yet again around here. Plus the weekends forcast is looking more annd more wet and les and less warm, sad and grumpy face on...
  8. Popped to the shop at lunchtime - chilly in the wind for sure, but in a bit of shelter from it, it felt more like spring than winter.
  9. Yes its been a morning of near constant floaty flakes mixed with the occasional heavier burst of flurries. Quite relaxing looking out the window from my computer
  10. Well the washing is drying a treat in the sun and steady breeze, silver linings and all that 🙂
  11. This was an awesome spell and puts this current one well and truly to shame. I was still at secondary school then and remember waking up to a deep covering of snow and listening on the radio to hear if school was shut or not - nothing mentioned by the time I had to leave to go get the bus, so a bit of a grumpy trudge up the road only for my dad to follow along 5 mins later to tell us school had indeed been shut after all. The snow stayed on the ground for over a week and several times we had little top ups with very fine flakes falling, on one occasion so fine I thought it was rain t
  12. Someone has sneezed and spilt their icing sugar here this morning 🤣 Current covering depth 0.01mm
  13. We had a burst of moderate snow falling but it failed to settle, just a bit too warm on the ground I guess. Nothing falling at the moment.
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