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  1. A pretty uninspiring morning all told, occasion glimpses of sun but mostly dull and cloudy. Not bothered about being stuck in the office today that is for sure and weekend is looking somewhat disappointing as well, hello August!!
  2. Thats very interesting, thanks for posting this
  3. Maybe you have just been a bit unlucky in London, we have had good spells of sunshine here. Its sunny again today as i look out the office window and i was able to spend a very relaxing day down on the beach at Studland on the weekend soaking up some rays.
  4. I think there are a few on here that have a very over ambitious view of what a UK summer is like. Early to mid June was poor but since then the weather has been very usable, mostly dry and neither too hot nor too cold. Yes I would like a bit more heat and maybe a few thunderstorms thrown in but if the rest of summer played out as per the last 2/3 weeks then i would happily settle for that.
  5. Another fine day and a pity to be stuck inside looking out. More of this for the next 10-12 weeks please
  6. Amazing how the drop in pump price only occurs after the half term holidays too, despite crude prices falling for sometime now.
  7. I know more people that do than don't, although the amount of people 'working from home' seems to have increased rapidly lately Anyway now we are on summer time can be just leave it alone and not bother putting the clocks back in October.
  8. Yet again going to miss out, its always too far west, to far east, too far south or this time too far north... On the few times any snow does reach here its just a dusting, dont think its possible to get heavy snow in Gloucester.
  9. A very slight dusting this morning, which at least gave the picture postcard scenes but also invariably highlighted the amount of idiots with driving licences they shouldn't have...
  10. All in all pretty rubbish and underwhelming so far, not even seen a falling flake.
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