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  1. Heaviest snow of the the whole spell in Bangor - right on the last day
  2. No - scattered showers for the following: Snow-ice Warning for Connacht, Cavan, Monaghan and Donegal Update Sub-zero temperatures and icy conditions continuing for the rest of today and tonight in strong easterly winds. Scattered heavy snow showers will lead to significant accumulations in some areas. The Ulster forecast seems the same as earlier!: Ulster01 March 2018- updated at 13:00 Today Bitterly cold today with scattered snow showers. Highest temperatures of just minus 1 to plus 1 degrees in fresh to strong and gusty easterly winds. Tonight Early tonight persistent snow will spread from the south, heavy in places with blizzard conditions. Extremely cold with lowest temperatures of -1 to -3 degrees in strong to gale force and gusty easterly winds. Tomorrow Tomorrow, Friday, will be bitterly cold again. The snow will be persistent and heavy in places in the morning, especially over the south and east of the province. Highest temperatures of just 0 to 2 degrees in strong and gusty easterly winds. http://www.met.ie/forecasts/regional.asp?Prov=Ulster
  3. Very snowy in Belfast City centre - maybe an inch on the ground with more to come by the looks of it!. Had a hard job finding the car parking spaces under the snow :
  4. Snow at last! Just went out for a coffee there and it is BALTIC
  5. I can see dark clouds approaching from the East now!! Please don't break up before you reach here!
  6. Tiny wee flurry in Belfast City centre at the moment
  7. Hmmmm - radar starting to look a bit more promising :
  8. Very disappointing The cold itself is impressive - minus 3 this morning and no frost anywhere because the air is so dry - don't see that too often. Dew point of -9 too ! But what I really want is lots of snow - is that too much to ask?!
  9. They should reach you first - I'm going to guess you'll see soft hail/graupel!
  10. I can now see the showers from my office window here off to the northeast - fingers crossed the sea crossing beefs them up a bit more before they get here!
  11. I'm keeping an eye on those showers in the SW of Scotland - they seem to be developing over the land at the moment and headed this direction. :
  12. I can't wait to get home - looks like a streamer trying to fire up!