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  1. I'm so jealous right now! Looks amazing
  2. Moderate snow shower here - not even attempting to settle!
  3. Ooo a few sleety flakes starting to appear now! Temp/dp 3.2C/2.3C
  4. I'm on the eastern side of that on the coast - so just very heavy rain at the moment. temp/dp: 5.8C/4.8C but falling steadily now. This is my weather station data: https://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=IDOWNBAN2#history
  5. Fantastic! By time those showers you're getting reach here - there's just the tiniest little whiff of a flurry in the air.
  6. The lunchtime BBC1 local forecast was pants! Hill snow and sleet tonight - no mention of wintriness to low levels, then rain over the weekend with much colder temperatures on Sunday. Again no mention of snow to low levels. I hope we aren't over-hyping it in here but surely there will be snow to low levels!? As you say, poor forecasts on the specifics!
  7. Wow - unexpected covering of snow here this morning - lovely surprise!
  8. Absolutely - great summary! Seen about 3 or 4 snow showers today at sea level and the models suggest many more to come at various stages over the next few days! Superb winter weather with plenty more to come
  9. no sign of it trying to settle though !
  10. Decent snow shower in Belfast at the moment
  11. Me too to be fair! Although we have seen a good bit of snow falling this Winter - not much has settled. Still time for that to change though!
  12. New weather warning out for Thursday evening in to Friday - snow showers following the front!
  13. Light snow grains falling here at the moment