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  1. The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion

    It's determined not to do anything but rain here. Surprising as I thought originally we were well placed for this sort of event, but it just hasn't happened for us at all. Might get something tomorrow morning but not holding my breath at this point.
  2. February 2014 CET Forecasts

    7.3C. And that's being optimistic.
  3. My worst nightmare of a winter. I must have sensed it was coming as I didn't even bother investing in NW Extra this year for the first time in god knows how long and so far I have no regrets. I've kept my distance from the site and the models generally to avoid disappointment. I feel for any fellow coldies that have invested as much as ever only for us to get stuck with these god awful patterns that show no signs of abating whilst winter rapidly accelerates away from us for another year. Dismal and one I will never forget for the wrong reasons.
  4. On the plus side... just listening to Lana Del Rey's album. Glorious Monday afternoon listening !

  5. The big freeze still on according to the GFS. Someone forgot to tell the Euro model programmers!

  6. Looking at the latest models, I'm surprised it's so quiet around here...

  7. isn't ready to let winter go yet.

    1. Thundery wintry showers

      Thundery wintry showers

      Personally I don't subscribe to "letting anything go"- I just take whatever range of weather the season has to offer, and if it's snow we're talking, it remains possible well into May!

  8. The sun is shining brightly this morning, and not a cloud in the sky either. If it won't snow, this is the second best option. Chilly, crisp and bright.

  9. The sun is shining brightly this morning, and not a cloud in the sky either. If it won't snow, this is the second best option. Chilly, crisp and bright.

  10. Patience required fellow coldies. The models aren't keen on Feb cold yet but they are trending in the right direction at least.

  11. It would be nice if the weather gods spoiled us with some interesting wintry weather next week - I've got the week off work!

  12. Depressing scenes at these student protests... but I strongly disapprove of what the ConDems have done. Lib Dems are finished now.

    1. keithlucky


      LIBS have always been gutless back to two party politics

    2. CardiffStorm


      I still dont understand how a party with the fewest votes is in power, its crazy. Cameron's being a coward with all this aswell and letting Clegg do all the interviews and take all the blame.

  13. worries he might have sleep apnea after one too many disturbances to sleep. But it could just be my hypochondriac tenancies coming out!

  14. Another dry day in Northamptonshire. (aka the virtually snowless corridor of doom)

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    2. Evening thunder

      Evening thunder

      I know how you feel too, snow depth approximately 0.0mm here. am hoping for even a dusting tomorrow..

    3. Nick L

      Nick L

      Andy, you have snow, be grateful!

    4. duckeyh


      same in Herts ;0(

  15. The weather will be making headlines again this weekend!