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  1. Chance of snow gone here in south Manc and just like magic it's throwing it down????? How why????
  2. Come on baby snow for us snow for the good of the land!!!
  3. I can feel it snowing in the air tonight , oh lord!!
  4. Come on son!!! Stall over Manc and give us a dumping!!!
  5. Come on lord save the best until last give North Cheshire and South Manchester a pasting for some snowy fun tomorrow!!!!
  6. BBC has lots of snow from 11am fro Manchester airport maybe just more cautious as its the airport? if not are these showers coming from the east?
  7. If the front from the south west due up on Friday night or Saturday hits us will it be better for those in the south Manchester shadow? Our chance at some good stuff?
  8. In Northenden here got about an inch of lying snow and just light stuff blowing around, looking at met office and bbc looks dry for the next few days ??
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