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  1. Beautiful day. And how wrong were the BBC for the second day in a row? Cloud amounts far lower than predicted and temperatures much higher for many. 12C predicted in Manchester, 16C reached.

    1. Eugene


      No cloud at all here, always check GFS dewpoint charts to see if westerlies bring cloud, when they are green/light yellow it will bring sun when they go orange most likely cloudy and moist, this is in winter/spring/autumn of course

    2. Scorcher


      Thanks for that tip Eugene, surprising that the BBC don't use such a simple method. I drove to Ludlow today in Shropshire and barely saw a cloud all the way. Have heard reports it was also mostly clear in Manchester in the afternoon. Suppose it's understandable the temperatures were higher than predicted with so little cloud.

    3. Scorcher


      Just shows as well that you can't categorise all southwesterlies in the same way as people have the temptation to do.

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