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  1. Another amazingly mild feeling afternoon here, this really is payback for the prolonged winter in April!

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    2. UV-RAY


      Same here Bottesford, spring is up there with winter for my favourite time of year,

    3. Milhouse


      Pleasant walking to and from work and on my lunch break. It felt warm in that sun.

    4. Eugene


      Disgusting feel to the day for so late in October, after a glorious day on Thursday with a lovely fresh feel it was horrendous, not the sun all day most you lot are saying either,, you come out like flies when its a very mild day but don't say much when its a lovely cool fresh day, its almost November now and the weather should be alot cooler by now, don't worry next spring will pay you all back<lol

      ps the second half of April wasn't winter like at all ;)

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