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  1. Amazed that some in the MOD are talking about a breakdown in the settled spell already, do they ever actually enjoy the weather now?

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    2. Scorcher


      SP I don't know why one minute you heavily criticise GFS for being inaccurate and the next minute you take one run as gospel and declare the settled spell gone, it's one run! Until ECM follows suit I won't be swayed by it

    3. Scorcher


      ECM 12Z was actually an upgrade for warmth with some very warm southerlies showing towards the end of next week and no sign of this 'cool airmass'

    4. Eugene


      Better not look at GFS 00Z and UKMO 00Z scorcher, you seem very upset people like cool dry weather , this morning is glorious , lovely and frosty even in town, -1C SP is always writing of air frosts so he's not much better