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  1. The model discussion area is a no-go for anyone who wants a balanced discussion of the models at the moment. Dominated by the People's Republic of Cold...

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    2. Aaron


      And summer in Britain is quite cloudy and rarely hot - don't see any advantage in it.

    3. Geordiesnow


      Remember "Scorcher" you are on a weather forum therefore its full of enthusiasts with whom the most want the weather to match that season. So there is always going to be a cold bias in winter and a warm one in Summner!

    4. Eugene


      Just ignore scorcher and bottesford they are the sites clown jesters, bottesford actually thinks mild airmasses bring more sunshine than cold airmasses in winter, must be imagining the gloriously clear sunny skies today then, its about time they realised what the four seasons are and what weather most normal people look for if they dont like it go away and come back in the season you like instead of boring us all with your tedious anti cold posts in winter.