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  1. The likelihood of warmth persisting into midweek and possibly beyond is increasing it seems. Thankfully the latest GFS run keeps the green colours away from most of us.
  2. Exactly, I don't know why the cloud levels are a surprise to anyone in a setup like this. It's always been this way when the Azores High sets up slightly too far south. Warm, humid air with a lot of cloud usually, especially further north and west.
  3. I don't think it's going to be disastrous but I imagine it will be feeling much 'fresher' next week from midweek. A word I always dread in mid summer. I'm sure it will be fine for golf. I play myself and I actually don't like playing that much on really hot days. This is the big problem I have with the British summer though. More often than not we're on a knife-edge and once a breakdown happens, the air that is introduced is far too cool and the pattern then gets stuck in place.
  4. Amazing how the green snot seems to be finding its way back to us next week- remarkable after such an extended warmer spell. I was sure we'd seen the last of the green 850 hPa temps with all the warmer air being pumped to our north. It really does amaze me- other countries in Europe never seem to suffer from this in summer.
  5. For once we agree David- no idea how it hasn't gone up after such a warm day across the CET zone yesterday.
  6. Rostherne was already on 73 hours of sun up to yesterday after only 8 days of the month- we will be well ahead of the 2007 figure after today with only 9 days of the month gone . Not sure about the overall CET zone sunshine though.
  7. Looking good at the moment- let's hope the cloud stays away all morning. Edit- Just looked at the satellite- virtually cloudless here at the moment but cloud moving into western parts of the region.
  8. Liverpool Airport strikes again- 2C warmer than any station within 25 miles. I think there needs to be some investigation of that station. I know it's been official in the past but the recent readings have been dubious to say the least. Especially when there are more favoured spots in the area that are noticeably cooler every day at the moment.
  9. We should be around the 70 hours mark here for sunshine by the end of today- a wonderful start to the month. A day today that was forecast to be sunny intervals has been virtually cloudless so far.
  10. I think to be fair it has been very good in NW England and in some other areas but perhaps not everywhere. Also average sunshine levels in Dorset are higher than around here in June. Nevertheless, regardless of where you are- in mid May we could only have dreamed of a spell like this. Even a cloudy 17C was a distant dream.
  11. 53 hours of sunshine here up to yesterday- times that by 5 and we'd be at 265 hours for the month. You can't ask for much more than that!
  12. Yes it's been a very sunny start to the month here too and even the days that have been forecast as cloudy have often ended up sunny- especially the afternoons.
  13. It's definitely more likely in late spring/early summer than it is later on in the summer but still not that common.
  14. Unusual to get such a stunning day around these parts while the SE has a totally rotten day with relentless rain- rare to see such a massive contrast that way round. This afternoon has been beautiful here- a bit of high cloud around for a time this morning but it's been mostly cloudless since about 1pm and a lovely evening now. 20.1C max but felt warmer in the sun this afternoon.
  15. That's not across the board though and is well outside the reliable time frame. Let's not forget for a time this time last week, the models showed a trough slap bang over the UK for last Sunday only a few days before. In the end it was a stunning day across the country and high pressure dominated.
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