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  1. Great post, I agree 100% on this. The guidelines are far too low both in the US and UK- I think Dr Mercola talks a lot of sense on this.
  2. That's very different from other studies I've read which suggests that white British people are also overwhelmingly Vitamin D deficient on average, although less so than other ethnic groups with darker skin. Vitamin D deficiency warning: Three-quarters of Britons lack enough of the vitamin | Express.co.uk WWW.EXPRESS.CO.UK VITAMIN D deficiency warning: Almost three-quarters of adults in the UK have...
  3. Totally agree, I take a Vitamin D3/K2 combination by Nutri. It's drops so more easily absorbable. I had my levels tested last year and it does really work.
  4. One word- darkness. Biologically we need light and sunshine to regulate mood and also to generate Vitamin D which is needed for optimum health. It's little wonder that so many people suffer from SAD in this country and also why the majority of people are Vitamin D deficient. On the rare occasions when the sun does come out in winter in the UK, it's generally too weak to boost your mood and certainly far too weak to generate Vitamin D. Being stuck inside is another big issue for me with winter. With it being dark at 4 pm it really restricts your activities and if you work a 9 to 5 job it's very likely you'll be commuting in the dark, morning and evening for some time. Our bodies are telling us that we should be in bed when it's dark (even if it's 8 am) so it causes a lot of stress on both mind and body. I certainly echo other people's thoughts about Christmas. It definitely makes things easier. Imagine if we no longer had Christmas- now that would be truly depressing!
  5. Unless you're DAVID SNOW and you have access to the official data from the other stations that isn't public?
  6. I would be surprised if there is a drop now, it's been so cloudy across the CET zone that minima have been relatively high and it has still reached the mid teens today across most of the zone. With it being so late in the month it will take a really cool day to bring it down. As for corrections, it's guesswork as always as the final figure comes from a different set of stations to the running mean.
  7. Perhaps I am swayed by the fact I was in the west of the country during the Feb 2012 spell. I was living in Cheltenham at the time where there was very little snow and it was above freezing during the day in that spell. Generally dry and cloudy with a bitter wind chill.
  8. I really don't understand what you're trying to say. I wasn't referring to the competition anyway as I haven't entered it for years. You can always look at what might have been either way, warm or cold. That's what I was saying.
  9. You could say the same about the warm weather, at one point it seemed it would go on for much longer. We could have recorded a notably warm second half of the month. Under 14C would not be a fair reflection of how this month has felt- particularly further south where there has been a lot of warm sunshine. Also 27.4C in Anglesey doesn't happen every September- very impressive!
  10. Just seen this, very surprised you recorded so many ice days in February 2012. There was only one day at Manchester Airport that failed to get above zero. As far as I remember that spell was a bit of a non-event for much of the UK. Just mostly cloudy and raw feeling. On the Continent it was a different story however. The second half of the month was mild almost all the way and there were some very high temperatures recorded. I remember 2011/12 as being a mild and sunny winter- one of my favourites in fact.
  11. Just one run and an outlier. The odds are still strongly favouring a warm up rather than a cool-down.
  12. Still plenty of time for warmth to return and send the coldies back into hibernation for a few more weeks. Far too early to be saying the chances of warmth have gone.
  13. Not a summer month but you're kidding yourself if you think the switch is turned on on September 1st. Often the first week or even the first two weeks of September are indistinguishable from the last week of August. And pretty sure there were cooler days than this in June- we've reached 16C here today.
  14. An absolutely awful start to September here, thoroughly miserable and chilly yesterday. Also very little sunshine so far. Normally I find this is one of the most reliable times of the year for dry, bright and fairly warm conditions. The conditions at Old Trafford for the cricket have been embarrassing in all honesty. My Australian friends watching on the TV from Melbourne have been amazed by how chilly it can be in this country even in the supposedly warmer months. I hate to say this but maybe we should be cautious about playing too many test matches in the north of England, particularly later in the season? This sort of weather can wait until October at the very earliest.
  15. Okay maybe so, but it didn't drop after Wednesday (I think you mean Wednesday as that was the cooler day here- Tuesday was warm) it dropped after Thursday which was a warmer day across the CET zone. Wednesday was also considerably warmer further south which should have balanced out the cooler day up north and prevented a fall in the CET so late in the month surely...very odd
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