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  1. The charts for the end of next week look remarkably similar to the start of November last year- as then I imagine which places see the lingering fog could be very hit and miss with big differences over very short distances. Places that escape the fog could get very warm by day for the time of year under such a warm air mass- high teens and possibly low 20s in southern areas, but where the fog lingers it could struggle to reach the teens. Very hard to forecast I think. They would be absolutely cracking summer charts had this been 2-3 months earlier. Interesting to see 15C isotherm amazingly close to the UK just across the channel on the ECM chart for next Saturday.
  2. If it happened it would continue the trend of warmth occurring well into October and even November last year- the last 2 years have had very warm finishes to October, particularly further south.
  3. Yes Frosty, if the GFS is to be believed then the supply of cold air from the east is going to be petering out- it's just too early to get anything of note from that direction. On this latest run we pick more of a southeasterly, which would raise the temperatures, particularly further south. Still plenty of time for a proper cooldown when it's actually supposed to happen- November onwards!
  4. autumn

    Yes, the issue we have with this sort of wind direction, particularly in the west is there is just no shelter- there is no high ground to our west or north west at all in Manchester. I woke up this morning to find plant pots all over the place in the garden. You can't stand still or sit outside for long in this weather unless you're well wrapped up- even though the air temperature is actually 16C.
  5. autumn

    Ironic you've pulled me up for expressing my opinion on it with a post like this- am I not allowed to say that to Cheese who shares similar views? There are so many people on here who constantly moan about humid air masses and consistently express how puzzling they find it that people enjoy them. I think I'm entitled to do the same. I didn't actually say there was nothing advantageous about PM air- I did say that I don't mind it at all if it's not too windy.
  6. autumn

    This is what frustrates me about these people on here that come on and hail the fresh PM air- it's almost invariably windy and gusty when we get an air mass like this one. And it's very raw and unpleasant to stand in it. If you can give me PM air that's still I can certainly tolerate it- problem is it doesn't happen all that often.
  7. autumn

    Thing is it's the air mass, we are importing tropical air from a long way south in the Atlantic- at this time of year there is always going to be a lot of cloud associated with such an air mass. We have had a bit of sunshine here today- probably as good as you could expect in this setup.
  8. autumn

    Fantastic tropical maritime airmass today- love the feel of it. Not a hint of a chill in the air this afternoon. Much better- we won't be able to get anything like this in a few weeks time.
  9. It's looking better and better for those of us wanting the warmth to hold on for a bit longer- the Atlantic is really struggling to break through at the moment. And with high pressure to the east it only means one thing- above average temperatures.
  10. A surprisingly warm and humid afternoon in Manchester- the temperature suddenly jumped up this afternoon and we've managed 23C- a good few degrees higher than forecast. Very good for the last week in September. Absolutely loving the higher dew points today.
  11. Absolutely loving this tropical airmass- a really humid 23C in Manchester this afternoon- a few degrees higher than forecast! Very impressive for the last week of September

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Scorcher


      I hope for your sake and the other cold weather fans that we get some proper cold this winter- wouldn't mind a few frosty mornings and cool sunny days myself actually.

    3. sundog


      I would not be at all surprised if another mild winter is on the cards but some of the long range models offer hope.

    4. MP-R


      Dry and warm I can handle in October, especially if sunny. Wet and warm I can not. Next week looks like we could get the former which would be great.

  12. Hi Paul, Yes it's surprising how easy a state of hypnosis can be achieved- what a lot of people in the field say is that people are in some form of hypnotic trance most of the time anyway- you only have to observe the way people drive and rush around during rush hour to see evidence of this. Defining trance and hypnosis is tricky- but I see it as a state of complete presence and focus, similar to the state people look to reach in meditation- only it's kind of a shortcut and gets you there much quicker. In that state it's easier to bypass the conscious mind and access the programs and beliefs in the subconscious that tend to cause the problems. As for what went wrong in your case, it's difficult to say. The skills of the individual hypnotherapists are obviously quite variable- I don't know what your therapist did with you but if you had worked with someone else you may have had different results. Do you know if the therapist was reading off a script? It may be that there appeared to be some superficial improvements at first but that they didn't quite get to the core issues or the root of your fears/issues. The reason I ask about the script is that unfortunately a lot of hypnotherapists still use a one size fits all approach and just use a standard script for everyone with that issue. The problem with that is, you are not like anybody else- you are unique and so are your issues and your map of the world. If the session is not geared towards you specifically then the results are going to be very limited. As for me personally, I don't use hypnosis on its own- I use it as just one of several modalities to tackle an issue within a session. There are techniques that are much more simple and quick in my opinion for addressing fears, and that you can learn to use yourself. I tend to use hypnosis as a tool to help the person imagine their new future, after we've cleared the fears etc using TFT tapping, for example. I'm sorry that it hasn't helped to relieve your issues- I really think that it could help though if you work with the right person who can get to the core of your issues. All the best, Liam
  13. This is a big problem- the therapist imposing their own beliefs on the client, in this case your daughter. Probably the most famous hypnotherapist of all time, Milton Erickson, whose methods were studied to create the field of NLP, famously said that 'the client does the therapy'. If you listen well enough and keep yourself and your own beliefs out of the way, the client will tell you what the problem is and how to solve it. The problem is, a lot of therapists talk too much and have too much going in their own heads. They impose their map of the world on the client- to me it should be all about listening. They just can't shut up long enough to hear the solutions. As you know the start point of her anxiety, I would basically work on the feelings generated by seeing that advert- to use the TFT tapping to work on her feelings about the fear of death etc, as opposed to the individual daily anxieties. She probably remembers watching that really well- the event that triggered it, so if she taps on the feelings around that initial event there should be a big improvement.
  14. It would probably take some further investigation to understand the root cause, but yes it can basically help anything. There is also a brand new technique called VCART which involves re-patterning emotional triggers etc using a light pen, similar to EMDR in many ways. By using that I've found that a lot of the time I can work almost content free with people- some people have told me very little of their 'story' but have still seen big improvements. To me it's all about the feelings- people come to me because they want to feel better and the aim is to get rid of the negative feeling as quickly as possible. So whether that's TFT or other techniques, the goal always has to be to remove the negative feeling. I then teach people a routine of different simple techniques to do every day to feel better.
  15. Very interesting that someone has brought it into a school environment- funnily enough I'm also a primary school teacher but have so far been reluctant to take it into schools as it's still not mainstream and not accepted by the mainstream science community (yet). In my area you also have religious issues- it's completely independent of any religion and it really doesn't matter whether you're religious or atheist in the slightest- but some parents don't understand what it is and could potentially see it as a kind of witchcraft- it could open up a whole can of worms that personally I'm reluctant to get involved in. It's great that it's helped your daughter- it generally works without fail for most people and switches off the emotion when you tap in a certain sequence. When it's used in conjunction with hypnotherapy and NLP it is even more effective and can also help more long term issues. It seems like even though it is helping your daughter in the short term, the root cause of the anxiety is maybe still to be discovered.