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  1. On any of those nights was it 26C at Manchester Airport at midnight though? I can't recall such exceptional warmth lasting past midnight before in these parts...
  2. The ECM ends pretty well for me- there is a trough to the west yes but I could see another plume developing from that setup if the trough stalls out to the west. We've seen that happen a fair bit over the last few summers. Relatively few outstanding large areas of high pressure over us (except for July 2013 of course), but quite a few short spells of hot weather with troughs stalling out in the Atlantic.
  3. I'm working in the morning but I simply couldn't waste this evening- have been sitting out until now and it's just remarkable how warm it still is- no hint of a chill in the air. In fact you almost feel like you're going to sweat just sitting there. Amazing stuff. If only this happened more often... 26C at Manchester airport at midnight...truly a night to savour!
  4. 27C at Manchester Airport at 22:20- absolutely amazing! And it feels just like a Mediterranean summer evening.
  5. Surely England have to go with Rashid for Old Trafford. A front line spinner is a must there given that it usually turns later on. I would bring him in for Moeen Ali. It sounds like Anderson will replace Ball and there will be question marks over Finn- I am a big fan of his but he didn't look threatening at all at Lord's. There is the option to bring Stokes in for Finn now that he's fit to bowl and further strengthen the batting. Perhaps a bigger concern for England though is the very fragile batting. I can't understand why Ballance was given the nod when he hasn't really shown any form this season. Vince is going to have to perform soon before his place comes under threat. Personally I would have gone for James Hildreth- he may be 31 but he is the best player on the county circuit in my opinion and is in very good form. With the squad selected I would go for: Cook Hales Root Vince Ballance Bairstow Stokes Woakes Rashid Broad Anderson
  6. I was playing football this was 27C at 7.30 pm in Manchester in the middle of the game. Definitely one of the warmer games I've played in the UK- very little breeze too and high humidity which made it hard work! Beautiful evening though. If only we could have more like this!
  7. I think the issue with night time minima is that there is greater local variation in a hot spell then there is with daytime maxima. Manchester Airport and Rostherne, for example, are right on the edge of an urban area and are almost always considerably cooler at night than the Manchester City Centre, where there is no official weather station. So I imagine in the City Centre night time mins of 20C+ are very possible in a setup like on Tuesday/Wednesday. Some may say that that should be discounted due to the urban heat island etc, but considering the vast majority of this country's population (especially England) lives in urban areas, the readings from urban areas are surely more representative of most people's experiences.
  8. Have you got a link to a day by day set of averages for this? Would be interested to have a look.
  9. At which weather station is that 24.5C average taken from? I've never heard of anything nearly that high in the UK- I know the 1981-2010 average at Greenwich is 23.4C for July but that figure for late in the month does sound very high.
  10. Yes Gavin it does look a bit better. Problem is here, higher pressure doesn't always mean a lot in a westerly flow- we often have a lot of cloud in these parts with such a flow, even with ridges of high pressure as we saw a few days ago. We are in desperate need of more of a Continental flow which often produces sunnier conditions even with lower pressure than being shown there.
  11. My response was triggered by the frustration I have with certain members who only seem to appear when the outlook is poor for fine summer weather. The poster I quoted is a prime example. I make no secret of the fact that I prefer mild weather in the winter, but I hardly ever post in the forum at all in the winter- last winter I could have had a field day saying 'I told you so' but I saw no need. There is no need for the self-congratulatory tone in certain posts. Interesting to see the BBC are now showing increased cloud for Friday compared to this morning's forecast- but are still showing temperatures reaching the mid 20s in the South East at the moment for the weekend. It would certainly back up the changes in this morning's runs from the UKMO and ECM.
  12. Is there really any need to analyse what I said last night now? It does look rather foolish now, but it's after the event so very easy to say.
  13. Had a feeling you'd be on again this morning to congratulate yourself. A really gutting set of runs from the Euros for those wanting a change this morning.
  14. Another rise today I reckon with minima being so high- surprising that it is looking quite close to the long term average despite what has seemed like a very poor first third of the month.
  15. Now that is the type of run we've been waiting for for some time from the excellent summer run from Friday onwards. It seems to bring the warm air in earlier than on previous runs as well, with quite a dramatic warm up possible for Friday and then a fantastic setup for most of the UK for the weekend. The Atlantic is also kept well at bay right until the end of the run. Let's hope this is the turning point for this summer. A bit like Toblerone...the GFS is out on its own tonight!