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  1. If anyone knows who is offering those odds I would be interested in that for sure, looking at the latest ECM run it's definitely on!
  2. ^ I don't get how something like this can be missed by the major forecasters so close to the event. Hopefully it will flip back again- signs of this possibly happening from the GFS 06Z run.
  3. Sorry that looks way too extreme for me, if that scenario comes off I think I will leave the country instantly! The GFS 06z looks a lot clearer again and as a result the temps get a lot hotter nationwide.
  4. Absolutely infuriating, only in the UK could this happen. How can this sort of thing happen at such short notice? Very little sign of it yesterday and suddenly our heat is scuppered only a couple of days out. Enough to hasten my emigration.
  5. This does seem to be the case, and the rain seems to linger more now and appears out of nowhere. It also often seems to be heavier when it does fall. We haven't had a lot of drizzle at all this year around here. When it has rained it seems to have hammered it down almost every time.
  6. I don't think I can remember a summer with so many days with unexpected amounts of rain. So many times there seem to have been dry days forecast even a day or two beforehand, and then all of a sudden rain shows up on the forecast at the last minute. Also rain lingering when there is meant to be just a bit of drizzle in the morning- but it doesn't clear! It has been infuriating at times. Today is another day like that around these parts.
  7. Yes slightly disappointing this morning, especially for us away from the SE. It had looked like we might see high 20s here into Tuesday and Wednesday here too but that is looking less likely this morning. Sunday is looking like a cracking day around these parts but it may not now be that hot after that.
  8. I'm amazed by how much the GFS Op runs have been chopping and changing over the past week- it appears to struggling at the moment at relatively short range too. Meanwhile the ECM and UKMO continue to show a hot few days nationwide. This is increasingly looking like the best August Bank Holiday in a very long time. I can't even remember the last really good one across the whole country.
  9. I certainly can't see much evidence of retrogression of any high pressure next week as some members have been going on about. In fact pressure looks like lowering considerably over Greenland if the GFS 12Z is to be believed. Temperatures gradually increasing and definitely rising above the average for the time of year for most of us.
  10. Yes it's been decent here too, not brilliant but warm and with a fair bit of sunshine so far.
  11. It must be a lot colder in Runcorn than in Manchester then...we've managed 19C despite a couple of showers- hardly like October! There have been far worse starts to August in the last 10 years- surprised 1962 is getting a mention!
  12. It's one of the warmer periods on average for sure, but not often this warm. I don't think it can be played down just how warm it has been relative to average- both by day and night. We have very warm SSTs around the UK at the moment relative to average and I imagine this has played a role in keeping minima up and perhaps also allowing daytime temps to rise higher than might normally be expected in the setup we've had.
  13. Has it? It's felt very warm and humid to me- no outstanding maxima but it's been noticeably warm overnight and consistently between 22 and 24C by day. If that continued it would indeed deliver a very high CET.
  14. I think Lyon is better but the difference between the two is not as great in English conditions as you might think. Also that average has come down a lot in the last couple of years. He is averaging under 30 in the past couple of years.
  15. Not in the last 12 months according to the stats and also not in England.
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