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  1. Saturday was windy for most but far from autumnal- even when it was raining here in the morning it still felt warm and humid and almost tropical. 22C at Birmingham Airport as well which is certainly not a typical autumn temp. Friday was also in the high teens at least for most of England.
  2. Amazing to get an 18C+ day in mid October. Another October event that will live long in my memory.
  3. Looks very suspect with most of Europe above average- unlikely scenario.
  4. Scorcher

    Autumn 2018

    So close to 80F- let's hope somewhere not on the initial list has made it. Remarkable- on October 13th!
  5. Extraordinary temperatures around the country right now. Surely there has never been a night quite like this one in October before?

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    2. Weather-history


      Probably the last 20C of the year for a number of places.  

    3. Scorcher


      Yes looks like it. You never know though. We must have thought the chance of 20C was done at this stage in 2005 and 2014. I wonder when the last rainy 20C was recorded in October in Manchester. 

    4. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      still remaining warm though for few days, but showing uglier for next monday, NE breeze yuk

  6. I see no evidence from the ECM 00Z this morning that we are heading for a particularly cool second half to the month. Probably more average next week but I can't see anything particularly cool in the offing, even at night. The GFS actually wants to build high pressure more strongly towards the end of the week as well. Temperatures by day probably average to slightly above. Aside from a few days here and there in August and September, this really has been a remarkable run of warmth for most us since April now. We had our first 20C here on April 18th and we are still threatening 20C going into mid October.
  7. 3 more rises are on the way at least over the next few days, it could be a real struggle to get the CET below average if that's what you're looking for. It should be comfortably over 1C above both averages by Sunday.
  8. One of the best October days I can remember. Absolutely stunning.

    1. Mapantz


      Made it to 21.3°C here. It was weird this morning.. 10am it was hazy sunshine but 99% humidity. It felt jungle-esque!

    2. I remember Atlantic 252

      I remember Atlantic 252

      yes, was like summer, imagine this setup in July/Wimbledon, 38 degrees possible

  9. Plenty of warmth to come in the meantime- could be some exceptional temperatures over the next few days and some daily records could fall I think. The GFS 12Z is another very warm run in the reliable tonight, showing temperatures staying above 20C even into Sunday in the east.
  10. Well it is certainly a very interesting outlook this week if it's unseasonably warm weather you're after. Wednesday looks truly stunning for many. The setup is very similar to the warm spell around October 7th 1995. Widespread temperatures across the UK above 20C and 25C could well be reached somewhere. Still a bit of uncertainty about Saturday but if the trough holds back enough we may even better Wednesday's temperatures. Some really remarkable uppers showing for some parts of the UK, above 15C.
  11. Wow there are some really warm charts on offer this evening for next week. With uppers commonly above 10C for most from midweek onwards, there could be some very impressive temps with perhaps some records threatened. The ECM is quite incredible for next weekend. The chart for Sunday shows 14C uppers over eastern Scotland. In that setup you'd fancy places like Aboyne to do very well with a chance of 25C being reached.
  12. Some nice developments from the GFS 00z this morning if it's settled weather you're after. The high remains slap bang over us for most of the run after slipping west for a time over the weekend. I can't see anything particularly cold in the offing. If the GFS run comes off it would mean cool nights (probably not particularly cold) and warm afternoons in the high teens to low 20s for many.
  13. Scorcher

    Autumn 2018

    There were some cool days in 2015 but I don't think many days that we're 12/13C as maximums. 1994 is a good shout looking at the stats but I can't remember it. 2012 had some cool days too.
  14. Scorcher

    Autumn 2018

    A surprisingly cool feeling day around Manchester despite the sunshine- struggling to remember such a cool spell so early on in autumn.
  15. Not sure what you're not getting about my post? It was fairly to the point- ie. there is virtually no chance of any snow in October, away from Scotland in any case! I was talking about air frost as well- 2C is not an air frost. Of course ground frost is very likely to happen at some stage in an average October. Please enlighten as to where in England you think we are going to get air frost next week? You've been spamming the thread with speculation about snow, frost etc when I can't see any evidence of this happening any time soon. BBC going for 19C here on Wednesday and I reckon it might be a bit higher- still plenty of time for warm days here and there.