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  1. Can you name some other February storms of the past similar to Doris? I'm really struggling to think of one.
  2. Pretty horrible charts for anyone looking for anything settled in all honesty- I really can't recall such an Atlantic dominated outlook in late February. Not sure where the energy is coming from for all these deep depressions.
  3. March 2012, April 2011 and May 1992 would be the ideal scenario....I can dream haha. February 2008/1998 beforehand would be nice too.
  4. The last 2 days have been the worst two days of the winter in Manchester in my opinion- dull, cold and damp- a really horrible feel to the weather. Very envious of the sunshine further south. Would take an Atlantic onslaught over this any day!

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    2. IanR


      roll on spring and summer, forgot what bright clear and convective skies look like,   winter is a borefest and i dont really like snow anyway ,  the sooner the pergutory season ends the better,     lets hope this summer we get another supercell storm in the north west like the one in july 2015, and september 2016,   i predict 2017's supercell storm will happen in august   (one wishes)   

    3. Scorcher


      I'm trying to be positive this winter though Ian, I do agree with a lot of your points. The general lack of bright sunlight begins to wear me down at this time of year. It's just the length of the season- it seems to go on forever and the light levels are so poor, even when the sky is clear. I can deal with it up to the end of December but after that it gets very boring

    4. Allseasons-si


      Most activities go out the window too,at least when it snows i can get out and enjoy it with my daughter.....when:lazy:

  5. There was talk of him going for £20m+ last season. I think his stock has fallen since but they would want a lot more than £500k!
  6. They have been reliant on Aguero for a couple of years now. I keep hearing pundits saying they have the 'best squad'. Nonsense as far as I'm concerned. The defence is ordinary to say the least. Take De Bruyne and Aguero out of that side and it's not special at all.
  7. Yes and I actually want something colder this year as well- I enjoyed the colder November with the dry, crisp days. It's nice to actually be able to wear proper winter clothes and not get too hot. I hope for your sake that things get better- still plenty of time!
  8. I think the fact that people think this is a 'standard' or 'normal' December shows just how perceptions have been skewed by that frankly ridiculous December of last year. There has been hardly any frost to speak of here in 20 days- that's not normal for a winter month!
  9. Totally agree about Moeen's bowling- he's averaging over 40 with the ball in tests which really isn't good enough for the main spinner. Only two 5 wicket hauls in 36 matches as well. Your main spinner has to have the potential to take 5 wickets on turning pitches. Graeme Swann took 17 five wicket hauls in 60 matches! If you take out Moeen's one excellent series against India in 2014, his average would be even higher.
  10. Unlike most people, I actually think the main problem for England has been the bowling in this series. Broad and Anderson weren't at their best, and Jake Ball offered nothing in Indian conditions. They really needed someone with out and out pace. Like Mike Atherton said on Sky, on a surface like that one you either need quality spin or express pace, preferably both, to take wickets. Unfortunately England had neither. After talking about the need for it for the best part of 15 years, we are still not seeing express pace bowlers being produced in County Cricket. Finn was quick for a while, but England messed him about so much that he lost his action. You cannot win test matches without taking 20 wickets. In this match you just couldn't see England getting 20 wickets, even from the first ball of India's innings. Why they called up another defensive spinner in Liam Dawson I have no idea. You can't expect a guy who averages 37 with the ball in first class cricket to bowl India out in their home conditions. When picking a spinner for England, surely they have to be asking themselves if he is capable of taking 6-50 on a turning last day pitch for example. Moeen has very rarely done this. He is woefully inconsistent. Rashid showed promise in this series and I think he is worth persevering with, but without quality at the other end, the pressure was never on the Indian batsmen. The selectors have now suggested that they didn't pick Jack Leach because of his action- I find that strange as surely it would have been noticed in County Cricket when he was bowling teams out for fun last season? England place far too much emphasis on control and consistency and not enough on magic in their bowling attack. The ironic thing is, with their defensive mindset they have actually had neither. Swann is still missed hugely- a spinner who could offer both control and a big wicket-taking threat on any surface. Bowlers win test matches!
  11. And some are trying to deny it's been mild at all. A 24 hour period that is more than 3C above average definitely comes into the very mild category for me. Hardly any frost here at all this month.
  12. Well there's 4 of them many do you want exactly?
  13. Not sure how you can claim even those figures aren't mild? Every day but 3 in the month have been above the date average and 11 of them have been at least 2C above the date average according to those figures. Not sure about the local averages but the maxima also look milder than average on virtually every day. You're right to an extent though, it doesn't look quite as mild as it has been in these parts (no 14C+ days).
  14. It may not be now, but no one can deny that the last couple of weeks have been very mild when you average it out, and some days have been exceptionally mild. Wednesday last week was really remarkable here- it was bright and sunny virtually from start to finish but even first thing with clear skies it was 10C- I remember getting into my car at 8 am and barely feeling a chill.
  15. I really don't think they will. United have come through their bad patch now. I personally think Arsenal might struggle to get into the top 4 again. United certainly haven't played as badly as Arsenal did in the 2nd half.