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  1. Awful, before 2007 I used to believe those sort of maxes weren't possible in July, having lived through mainly only decent/good summers up to that point (within memory). 2012 showed just how bad it can be in the UK even in summer as well- we're not guaranteed to get out of the low teens if the conditions are bad enough. The outlook could not be much worse in terms of temperatures this morning. One crumb of comfort for me is that there were some very cool days even in June 1976 in these parts- there was a max of 13C in Manchester only days before the heatwave began. So it can change around quickly.
  2. Funny how different it can be just on the other side of the Pennines- another very nice day here if a bit hazy this evening, and up to around 25C. Notably fresher though with the easterly.
  3. And right enough Tomasz Schafernaker mentioned the possibility of 34C in tonight's forecast.
  4. Probably won't make 35C but watch the BBC up their predictions tomorrow for Wednesday. It seems to happen a lot that they wait until the last minute to forecast higher temps.
  5. A very interesting chart for Wednesday afternoon, could be some very high temperatures all the way up to NW England- these uppers aren't far off what was being shown for Thursday a couple of days ago when everyone got very excited. 30C+ could well be possible anywhere south of that 15C isotherm line I imagine. Certainly for Wednesday the highest temperatures look like being in western England, particularly the Bristol area but there could be some local June records broken further north as well.
  6. And many more people out enjoying it and being very grateful for it. You know it isn't going to last forever in this country. It's just lovely to be able to get out and about at any time of the day or evening and know that you won't need a jacket and that there's no prospect of getting cold. Very unusual in this country given the number of days that are at least jumper weather (90% of the year?). We get so many cool unsettled days and yet people moan about the few hot days we get. The British countryside (I was in Shropshire this weekend) looks truly stunning with the crystal clear blue sky we've had over the past couple of days- it doesn't quite look the same when its cloudy. This is a wonderful time of year with the green of the trees and fields still so vibrant. It loses that slightly in July.
  7. Absolutely stunning out there even now- doesn't get much better! Today has been one of the best days I can remember in the UK. Truly stunning clear blue sky, beautiful air quality and very hot feeling sun. Lovely to get this sort of spell around the solstice when the sun is at its highest. Big shame about Thursday for those of us north of the Midlands- last night it looked like we would have a potential 30C+ day on the cards with some incredible uppers- now apparently we will be struggling to reach 70F if the BBC forecast is correct!
  8. I know that, as I say not expecting anything spectacular now unfortunately, but was surprised it was quite so low. I imagine the warmest temps in these parts could be earlier on and fall away in the afternoon.
  9. Yes thanks for posting, I can see that but it appears most of NW England is still south of that boundary. At midday on Thursday the line of 12C 850 hPa temps is over the Lake District according to the ECM with most of Northern England in the 12-14C zone. Not going to be 30C but better than 21C I'd have thought, even if the front moves through in the afternoon.
  10. Surprised that the BBC countryfile forecast only showed 21C in these parts for Thursday. It doesn't look like we will reach the dizzy heights that it seemed we might do looking at last night's runs, but there is still a lot of very warm air around on Thursday- 21C seems far too low for me. Still hot in the SE though. Tomorrow could now be the hottest day in these parts- I wonder if we could squeeze 30C. BBC going for 29C.
  11. It's always the way, constantly living in the future! Most of us have got a lovely day right in front of us today. Best enjoy it I say without worrying too much about next week. Especially given the reliable time frame at the moment is much closer than 144 hrs IMO. The ECM is a bit disappointing this morning compared to last night's offering, but then again that run was probably always going to be the extreme solution. At least the GFS looks a fair bit better for Sunday and Monday this morning and high pressure is in control most of next week, albeit a cooler high. Could be another warm up though later on if the GFS is correct.
  12. This is not even funny anymore...there is still ZERO clarity or agreement between the GFS and ECM after Saturday, and even the Saturday chart shown by the ECM is much better for widespread warmth and sunshine. The 06z is a truly awful run for warmth after the weekend, and yet the ECM 12z is spectacular. Incredibly the GFS 06z shows an area of 0C uppers (how does the green snot always seem to find its way to the UK?) moving over the UK on Monday which then leads into potential ground frost for some areas into Tuesday morning. Not sure I've seen 2 such extreme possibilities before within the 'reliable'. I'm sure others can think of other occasions. It would be nice to have some clarity either way.
  13. I have no idea what is going on with the GFS. It refuses to back down with only small adjustments from the 06z. The great news is the UKMO looks a lot closer to the earlier ECM run- the Sunday chart is absolutely stunning and there would be plenty of heat around on Monday too.
  14. Don't be silly, it's not an issue for most people if it happens at the weekend! Some people actually enjoy the heat- a couple of days of it isn't going to cause problems.
  15. The 06z has had a habit of showing the extreme retrogression scenarios over the last few days though. Not to be trusted at the moment I don't think. There is still uncertainty in the air unfortunately though. If that run came off conditions would be very disappointing for June.