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  1. Yes it's considerably less cold than it was, only slightly below average really. The Irish Sea, North Sea and the Channel are also average to above.
  2. Wow, had no idea it was quite that bad. It makes that result in Sharjah all the more remarkable as well given Pakistan's dominance in the UAE. One of those 3 wins was 17 years ago as well!
  3. There are plenty of players that have succeeded at the top level though with less than perfect techniques. Graeme Smith for example had massive deficiencies but succeeded nonetheless. It's all about playing to your strengths. I think Duckett could make it work for him with a few tweaks. Also critiquing his performance on the subcontinent in the winter is perhaps slightly unfair given that virtually all of the England batsmen struggled against spin in those conditions. I imagine Duckett would be a different proposition in English conditions or even Australian conditions with the ball coming onto the bat better. Agree about the spin issue though, there are no top quality spinners in county cricket to speak of. A couple have potential (Crane is one of them, also Matthew Parkinson the young Lancashire leggie) and Jack Leach who is a bit older.
  4. Duckett does open for Northants in all formats, and has a pretty good record across the board. I'm surprised he's been disregarded so much actually- 12 first class hundreds at the age of 22 is pretty good going. He's also someone who's capable of getting huge scores. His average is better than all the other openers that are being discussed at 41. Long term I can see him coming back in.
  5. I think we need a hurricane to plough through and disrupt the current pattern of the jet- this happened in August 2014 with poor results for the UK, but in all honesty it can't make things any worse right now.
  6. I see your point, but I think given past experiences over the last few years, we have grounding for our worries about this pattern sticking around for some time. There have been far more spells of prolonged trough domination with a fired up jet stream then there have been prolonged nationwide settled hot spells. In addition, this is the UK and there is always a bias towards the unsettled unfortunately. Every time we do get a hot spell, what is one of the first things people mention? The breakdown. Past experience has shown that hot settled weather generally doesn't last for very long, whereas we have plenty of past experience of unsettled weather lasting for weeks on end, even in summer.
  7. I agree, as depressing as it is, every time you wake up and see another run of Atlantic trough domination, it's another nail in the coffin of summer. If this was happening in June I'd be less inclined to believe that, but we are in late July now and it's quite feasible this could go on for another 4 weeks- it's happened before in recent years. That's not to say there won't be a few nice days (and possibly the odd warm/hot day if the troughs stall out west briefly), but the way things are it's very hard to see a prolonged spell of settled weather at the moment.
  8. It's almost 2007-esque. Although we have had some poor spells this summer, we haven't seen anything quite this bad, with low after low ploughing through the UK. I hope Mushy is right and that we end up with something less extreme. This is as bad as it gets for the start of August. It's still in FI so hopefully it won't happen, but the trend is not what we want to see.
  9. I think it's a case of so near yet so far for us in NW England so far this summer. We have had plenty of very warm/hot days but haven't been able to string many together as they have in the SE. Also sunshine levels could be better in all honesty. Some of the hot days have also been rather cloudy. I just have this nagging feeling of summer being over just as it was kicking off here- almost like we've been given a little glimpse of the party that London has been in the middle of but have had the door slammed on us. It's hard to see a way back now. And I've come to agree with those such as Mushy who say that the second half of August onwards just isn't quite the same- hot spells then are certainly not as good as they are in June and July in my opinion, due to the vegetation, plant life and light levels being past their peak. Of course hot spells at any time are very welcome. I think the best way now is just to accept that summer may well be over- with that mentality of acceptance, anything we do get on a day to day basis will be a welcome bonus, and if a hot spell does come then great. But no point setting yourself up for disappointment. Just my view.
  10. Honestly, is there any need for such an over the top emotive post? How on earth did you come up with mid September? It's almost 2 whole months away!
  11. What about 2013? It was excellent. In the Manchester area it was the best summer since 1995 according to weather-history's index. 2014 also very decent.
  12. I don't agree to be honest- it's not looking so bad next week if this run is to be believed. I think we can become pre-occupied with looking for high pressure domination and expecting perfect summer charts. In one of my previous posts I mentioned the fact that we don't need perfect synoptics at this time of year to get reasonable surface conditions. If you look at the finer details from day to day, conditions will be reasonable next week at least until midweek I believe- if you look at the temperature charts for Monday for example it looks decent: It certainly could be a lot worse- it's not what we'd want to see an ideal world, but I don't think it's bad enough to moan about.
  13. That would certainly be an extreme scenario, but August 2004 was at least warm- in terms of temperature there have been far worse Augusts in the past few years. In terms of the rainfall it certainly wouldn't be welcome though.
  14. Yes Frosty and average at this time of year is often very nice, we don't need outstanding synoptics to deliver very reasonable weather. The GFS charts aren't going to excite anyone but it should be more than reasonable if this run is correct.
  15. We should manage 23/24C at least in Manchester on Wednesday. Probably the last day over 20C for some time.