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  1. This is a big problem- the therapist imposing their own beliefs on the client, in this case your daughter. Probably the most famous hypnotherapist of all time, Milton Erickson, whose methods were studied to create the field of NLP, famously said that 'the client does the therapy'. If you listen well enough and keep yourself and your own beliefs out of the way, the client will tell you what the problem is and how to solve it. The problem is, a lot of therapists talk too much and have too much going in their own heads. They impose their map of the world on the client- to me it should be all about listening. They just can't shut up long enough to hear the solutions. As you know the start point of her anxiety, I would basically work on the feelings generated by seeing that advert- to use the TFT tapping to work on her feelings about the fear of death etc, as opposed to the individual daily anxieties. She probably remembers watching that really well- the event that triggered it, so if she taps on the feelings around that initial event there should be a big improvement.
  2. It would probably take some further investigation to understand the root cause, but yes it can basically help anything. There is also a brand new technique called VCART which involves re-patterning emotional triggers etc using a light pen, similar to EMDR in many ways. By using that I've found that a lot of the time I can work almost content free with people- some people have told me very little of their 'story' but have still seen big improvements. To me it's all about the feelings- people come to me because they want to feel better and the aim is to get rid of the negative feeling as quickly as possible. So whether that's TFT or other techniques, the goal always has to be to remove the negative feeling. I then teach people a routine of different simple techniques to do every day to feel better.
  3. Very interesting that someone has brought it into a school environment- funnily enough I'm also a primary school teacher but have so far been reluctant to take it into schools as it's still not mainstream and not accepted by the mainstream science community (yet). In my area you also have religious issues- it's completely independent of any religion and it really doesn't matter whether you're religious or atheist in the slightest- but some parents don't understand what it is and could potentially see it as a kind of witchcraft- it could open up a whole can of worms that personally I'm reluctant to get involved in. It's great that it's helped your daughter- it generally works without fail for most people and switches off the emotion when you tap in a certain sequence. When it's used in conjunction with hypnotherapy and NLP it is even more effective and can also help more long term issues. It seems like even though it is helping your daughter in the short term, the root cause of the anxiety is maybe still to be discovered.
  4. Interesting thread this- anxiety and panic attacks are now incredibly common. In the last 10/20 years anxiety has become much more of a problem in young people in particular. This subject is close to my heart, as although I may seem rather grumpy on here at times, I actually have my own therapy business. I use hypnotherapy and a meridian tapping therapy called TFT (similar to EFT if you've heard of that- tapping on meridian points with the fingers) to help people with fears, phobias and anxiety. I have had experience with many different therapies and TFT and hypnotherapy are the most effective I've come across for dealing with anxiety- some people have come for only one session with me and have said that their lives have changed completely. I really do believe that you don't have to be stuck feeling bad- there are techniques that work quickly and almost without fail. I've hardly ever had anyone come to see me who hasn't felt a major difference. It doesn't have to take months or years to feel better either. If anyone is interested, here is my website- I have some info on there and there's even a free video that you can try to see how the techniques can impact your anxiety. -Liam
  5. Beautiful weekend in Manchester. The warm spell may be over but it has still felt warm by day here- 19C with sunshine on both days.

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    2. Scorcher


      Last night was a lot milder though- only got down to around 14C here! I've got to say, even though I prefer mild nights, Sunday morning was absolutely stunning with the clear fresh air and warm sun.

    3. karyo


      We agree at last! :-)

    4. Scorcher


      Don't get used to it...haha!

  6. I think we could be close to that 23.7C max as it warmed up a lot in NW England in the afternoon- not sure what Stonyhurst has managed (one of the CET sites) but it's 24C in Manchester right now. Edit: 22.7C at Stonyhurst at 5pm which should be enough I'd have thought. Most places have reached forecast values after a slow start.
  7. autumn

    Wow great video there, there were some stunning high clouds around this evening as well as the sun went down.
  8. autumn

    That echoes my disappointment yesterday- seems like the roles were reversed somewhat today as you suggested might happen with the wind veering NE. We managed 26C in the afternoon and there was very little in the way of cloud all day. Frustrating when you know warm sunshine is so close.
  9. autumn

    Again amazing contrasts across small distances in the north- 26C in Manchester this afternoon with sunshine virtually all afternoon.
  10. Yes agree completely. Hameed is obviously a very good prospect but his strike rate is like something from the 1990s! It would be nice to have a more aggressive opener alongside Cook. Then again Cook has really upped his strike rate this year- he's certainly a more attacking player than he was.
  11. autumn

    Wish it was here, all the heavy rain from the storm has left it surprisingly fresh feeling...I feel robbed of a precious warm evening!
  12. autumn

    I didn't say none of the trees were changing if you were referring to me...nobody said that that I can recall. I think we can agree that some are changing colour while others remain totally green.
  13. autumn

    I feel like I am actually quoted me and disputed my point about London trees being influenced by drought stress...and now you're saying you were just referring to the north? I'm confused...
  14. autumn

    They are also pretty brown in Barcelona too- I was there last weekend. Clearly related to drought stress. The sun is still strong and high there and they still consider it very much summer.
  15. autumn

    Nature has no calendar like we do...if it's not warm enough the leaves won't appear in March (think 2013, nothing til mid April, 1996 had very little even in mid May), if it's warm enough in September, the leaf drop will be delayed. If you can set your watch by it as you say you can then why in mild autumns do the leaves hang on well into November? Last year some areas had plenty of leaves on trees into December. Therefore if there was clearly more browning of the leaves in London than in Manchester 2 weeks ago- drought must be a factor as it certainly hasn't been cooler there.