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  1. Seriously, you are relentless aren't you. I'm sure if we had a repeat of 1976 style charts you would find the negative in them. The ECM appears to be taking longer to build the Azores in than the GFS but could turn out very decent for the south nevertheless. And dry for many in the southern half of the UK which is something we can't always guarantee even in June.
  2. Scotland really surprised me with their level of performance- they have improved a lot in the last couple of years and were even close the qualifying for the world cup despite competing against West Indies, Afghanistan, Ireland and Zimbabwe for 2 places. I do think England maybe turned up just expecting an easy ride- the bowling was dire- so much short stuff that was begging to be hit on that surface. Hardly any yorkers bowled in the whole innings and very few cutters or slower balls which Scotland actually bowled lots of. They still should have won even chasing 370 odd- virtually all the batsmen threw their wickets away and there were 2 ludicrous run outs. Bairstow could have got 200 the way he was playing. It's certainly better to get this shocker out of their systems before Australia however.
  3. If your glass is half empty yes. Hard to believe you can even make your negative comments when you haven't even seen the charts! This spring/early summer has been very different to the norm of recent years so I don't think this logic applies. Big shift this morning which is a trend in the right direction if you are looking for mostly dry conditions to continue.
  4. Slight exaggeration, yes not great compared to the last few weeks but a lot of very decent conditions on offer for many until after midweek at least.. It doesn't look to me like the low is going to be ploughing straight through the UK, with areas further south possibly remaining quite dry. We have certainly seen worse situations in the UK in summers gone by.
  5. You do realise that it's a different set of stations for the actual CET as opposed to the publicised rolling CET for the month? The correction tends to be downwards but there is no way of knowing how much, just guesswork. Last month there was only a small correction- with the easterly theme continuing I don't see how it will be different this month.
  6. I haven't studied it closely but there has been a bit of a shift away from unsettled weather this morning on the GFS- I can't imagine those cooler days at the end of the list will be happening now with high pressure still having an influence.
  7. Wonder if there might just be a continuation of this remarkable late spring/early summer in NW England, we've had about 5 straight weeks of it now with just the odd cloudier day like today! Certainly a favourable shift this morning with no real prospect of rain in these parts in the next week now.
  8. Indeed, awful these northeasterlies aren't they- yet another warm, cloudless afternoon here in Manchester!
  9. This is a very decent chart at 195hrs though Frosty. I think we've been spoilt recently- in many summers we would be crying out for a chart like that.
  10. Things are certainly trending in the right direction again after the shock of some poor runs last night. The noticeable thing about the GFS 12Z is the persistence of the warm air over the UK. Nothing exceptional but no real signs of the 5C isotherm leaving our shores any time soon. Most of us remain closer to 10C upper air temps. The consistent warmth of the past few weeks over Europe and Scandinavia has really pushed any cool uppers a long way north. Long may that continue. As mentioned by others, subtle changes towards the end of the week may benefit areas further east as we gain more of westerly influence.
  11. 14 days of the month exceeded 20C in Manchester to be exact. Also a fair few other days reached 18 or 19C which often felt very pleasant in the sunshine. Overall a very memorable month and very few days of rain. Wonderful to see so much sunshine with the sun so bright and high in the sky and with the long days.
  12. Amazing that last May has ended up as warm as this one just gone. It has certainly felt 100 times better in these parts. Certainly in the west, sunshine levels have been a lot higher than last year. Rostherne near Manchester Airport recorded 272 hours in the month which is very high for an inland station. In the setup we had we were a little unlucky to have a couple of cloudy days which stopped it getting close to 300 hours. The number of clear sunny mornings in the month was quite remarkable. The CET could have been a good deal higher without the low minima earlier in the month. A lot of days exceeded 20C although there weren't many exceptionally hot days.
  13. I wouldn't bank on it, it has been regularly showing some sort of breakdown at that sort of time scale, only to keep backing down. I think you may get your wish next week but not in the way the GFS is showing- there may be days of heavier cloud like today from these annoying shallow lows that seem to keep forming. If the ECM is correct we will still keep the continental influence, however.
  14. Best pair of May bank holidays ever? Absolutely stunning time lapses
  15. Not exceptionally hot but it will be more memorable than most of the other warm ones IMO- it has been exceptionally sunny in these parts and maxima have been pretty high virtually all month- cooler nights earlier in the month may have cost it the chance to be really exceptionally warm.