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  1. Hey!... anyone heard how @Blitzen is? hoping she is ok 😊
  2. Carnoustie has done really well considering i am just a 10 min walk to the beach!🥰
  3. Blizzard like conditions here in Carnoustie again.... wonder when it will all run out for here?
  4. Wow.... really heavy last 15 mins and still going wish i could pick it up better on video IMG_1011.MOV
  5. That last “blob” gave me this type of fluffy snow for 20 mins IMG_0989.MOV
  6. Morning... must of had a few heavy showers during the night... a nice 5cm top up! Roughly 8-10 cm now🥰
  7. Still heavy showers on and off.... slowlllllly gaining a cm!
  8. Calum i cant help but feel it wont come to much here in Carnoustie! Hoping im wrong😢
  9. We have the first lying snow of this winter here in Carnoustie😋
  10. just over 1cm here.....only getting tiny wee showers, then it blows away!!!!
  11. Morning all wonder if we may see thundersnow this time? it fascinated me in 2010
  12. Been watching this channel for the past 2 days....i have family in Fort Lauderdale https://www.local10.com/live/watch-the-local-10-news
  13. OOOO look what i have, 5 min walk from the beach
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