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    Carnoustie Angus Scotland. (week days) Dundee (weekends)
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    Work,Work and more Work. Oh and looking after my three darlings. Ross 24 Kara 19 and Chirstie 15. I love to go for a drive, (i don't drive though) other half likes his cars! Three TVR's and a Bmw. I mean how many do you need!!!!!

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  1. just over 1cm here.....only getting tiny wee showers, then it blows away!!!!
  2. Morning all wonder if we may see thundersnow this time? it fascinated me in 2010
  3. Been watching this channel for the past 2 days....i have family in Fort Lauderdale https://www.local10.com/live/watch-the-local-10-news
  4. Wow i'm in yellow warning area, but being in the wee nook on east coast it looks worse with every model update!
  5. OH my just got the fright of my life 10 mins ago....really loud thunder and bright flash. Sounded like a jet flying really low really fast above me!!! Was to busy reading, kids thought it was funny! x
  6. Pic taken by a friend in Arbroathfacing North Sea just before snow hit earlier.
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