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  1. Wet and wild here at the moment with hail, thunder, lightning and blustery winds. Time to batten down the hatches ...
  2. Taken from the web ... source unknown. But if verified, some very impressive readings from this morning indeed
  3. A very interesting LP indeed with strong to gale force winds too for the NW of France, SW England and the Channel Islands
  4. Confirmed ... there appears to be an isolated cell developing to our SW and we have lightning ...
  5. ECMWF not quite as vigorous but still, 510mb nonetheless - one to keep an eye on for sure
  6. Did anyone else pick up on the record low pressure GFS forecast for the Atlantic next week? 450mb!? Just wait until The Mail gets hold of this
  7. After a few hours of moderate to heavy snow we now have freezing rain Enjoy the impending snowstorm in the far South West and stay safe
  8. Following a couple of hours of snow we now have freezing drizzle and a report that parts of the sea around the shores of the island have frozen. Storm Emma’s fronts are really struggling at the moment against this cold air. Frigid here right now with snow and freezing drizzle forecast throughout the day. Stay safe peeps
  9. Recently started snowing steadily here in Jersey ... we're in for an interesting 12 to 24 hours
  10. No mention during the recent BBC forecast of a breakdown at the end of the week. If anything, the forecast focused on increasing cold, increasing wind chill (feeling like -15 in places by Wednesday) and the increasing risk of heavy and disruptive snow for the South towards the end of the week (Thursday and Friday), not to mention snow showers and bands of snow effecting all parts of the UK throughout the week. Nothing to moan about there, just pure classic winter bliss even if we are heading into March. Ramp mode 100% on! But on a serious note, keep an eye on the vulnerable (the young and the elderly) including our animal friends as this event is going to be about as bad as winter gets for us here in Blighty
  11. With The Siberian Express inbound, here are some useful instructions (for those who know) ... now where did I put my BP badge?
  12. When the number of The Beast shows in your local 5 day forecast, you know The Beast from The East is truly on its way
  13. "chill out mate" ... snow more jokes please - you'll be giving me the cold shoulder next ... mods, I'll get my coat and see myself out
  14. Afternoon folks ... eyes down look in for round 2 ...
  15. Wow - what a night! Looking at the Jersey Met wind speed data from St Helier Harbour, the strongest mean recorded at sea level was around 54 knots (62mph) and the highest gust recorded at sea level was around 75 knots (86mph). It will be interesting to find out what they recorded at Jersey Airport which is more elevated ...
  16. Our roof tiles are having a right old knees up. Haven't heard them do that for a long time ... stay safe peeps ...
  17. Wild down here at the moment. The whole of our house is creeking with every gust and we've just had a torrential downpour. Seasonal to say the very least ...
  18. And at Camaret-sur-Mer which is at a lower altitude than Pointe du Raz, 103 mph ... http://www.meteociel.com/
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