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  1. Hey Everyone Here's a short clip of the tempest that hit us here in Jersey yesterday evening at around 7:30pm, following a temperature of 32.7c recorded at Maison St Louis Observatory during the afternoon. Not quite a record breaker for us but close nonetheless. The temperature gauge in the car fell from around the 30c mark to 20c in a matter of minutes, soon after being hit by the deluge. And I have to say, it was intense to say the least ?? 10000000_687373108479442_6555036978920036745_n.mp4
  2. Almost a constant rumbling of thunder here in Jersey with frequent lightning together with moderate to heavy rainfall ?
  3. Wet and wild here at the moment with hail, thunder, lightning and blustery winds. Time to batten down the hatches ...
  4. Taken from the web ... source unknown. But if verified, some very impressive readings from this morning indeed ?
  5. A very interesting LP indeed with strong to gale force winds too for the NW of France, SW England and the Channel Islands ?
  6. Confirmed ? ... there appears to be an isolated cell developing to our SW and we have lightning ...
  7. ECMWF not quite as vigorous but still, 510mb nonetheless - one to keep an eye on for sure ?
  8. Did anyone else pick up on the record low pressure GFS forecast for the Atlantic next week? 450mb!? Just wait until The Mail gets hold of this ?
  9. After a few hours of moderate to heavy snow we now have freezing rain ? Enjoy the impending snowstorm in the far South West and stay safe ??
  10. Following a couple of hours of snow we now have freezing drizzle and a report that parts of the sea around the shores of the island have frozen. Storm Emma’s fronts are really struggling at the moment against this cold air. Frigid here right now with snow and freezing drizzle forecast throughout the day. Stay safe peeps ??
  11. Recently started snowing steadily here in Jersey ... we're in for an interesting 12 to 24 hours
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