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  1. I read Paul Simons in The Times today about the ice storm of 1940 and wondered if there was any more info about it..I am sure there is but cant find it on netweather . Like all of his articles I always want more so if there is a link much appreciated! thanks The link to the Times is here: http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/worl...icle3034452.ece
  2. I had a paper round and it was windy but the worst must have missed us cos I finished it ok! . But the thing I most remember was coming back and turning on breakfast news on the BBC and they must have set up an emergency studio and Nicholas Witchell was the only one around giving the latest situation so I knew then it was pretty serious. I had radio 1 on later and the guy on at the time - Simon Mayo perhaps- was asking live on air for the DJ who should have been on previously to phone in and tell them he was ok because he hadnt turned up. I assume he was ok!! Has the 'wink' been trademarke
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