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  1. Back up to Cat 4 and suggestions it might even become Cat 5 before starting to weaken!
  2. Summary of Landmark United in Science Report - https://www.unenvironment.org/news-and-stories/press-release/landmark-united-science-report-informs-climate-action-summit To the surprise of absolutely nobody we're not going to hit our net zero target in 2030 let alone 2020. We need to do decarbonise three times as fast as we're doing now to hit 2.0 C and 5 times as fast to hit 1.5 C.
  3. Just in case anyone else was struggling..... It may well be that the forecasts are mild. Last year, pretty much everyone was cold and blocked. But I have to honestly admit that I think conditions are much better this year. We have hit the solar minimum with very low geomagnetic activity, the NAO has been stable negative, the troposphere completely blocked throughout the year, and the QBO appears to be facing the eastern phase. Finally, we have a tripole in the North Atlantic that favors a negative NAO (also opposite the last 5-6 winters) with heat around Greenland, especiall
  4. Yeah that's pretty much it, interview with Dr Robert Simpson who helped make the Saffir / Simpson scale - https://novalynx.com/store/pc/Simpson-Interview-d53.htm DI: Dr. Simpson, in your opinion, since the Saffir/Simpson scale is an open ended scale, do you think that hurricane windspeeds could become a category 6 or 7? RS: I think it's immaterial. Because when you get up into winds in excess of 155 miles per hour you have enough damage if that extreme wind sustains itself for as much as six seconds on a building it's going to cause rupturing damages that are serious no matter how we
  5. Latest NHC update out, winds 185 MPH, hasn't weakened and expected to remain at that strength for next 12 hours and moving at 5 MPH, not good for the Bahamas. https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/#Dorian
  6. Both impressive and scary how quickly he's grown. The models seem to be trending more and more to him not striking land though and curving away from land instead which is very lucky for those in the original predicted path if that is indeed what happens.
  7. They can only show what they are programmed to show based on the start data and algorithms they use to work out what may happen from that point? It's the same old challenge here in the UK being a small island trying to pinpoint or weather is very hard beyond a couple of days. Today was a lovely day and it was only 21 degrees in my area so I'll happily take 25 and if it gets hotter it's a bonus. It's looking like it will, it's rare for the big 3 to agree beyond 48 hours so will have to wait until midweek to see what is in store for next weekend.
  8. Deadly? Not to put a damper on things and not the right thread but certainly in context but is this a good time to bring it the old climate change argument? I guess it's a wait and see how this pans out but I don't think anyone wants the sort of heat India is currently experiencing and certainly not regularly.
  9. The IPBES Global Assessment on biodiversity was released yesterday at https://www.ipbes.net/ and makes grim reading. It lists climate change as an increasing factor in the state of life on our planet. Although the report says it's not too late to act it does stress that changes on a global scale have to happen now if we are to prevent mass extinctions on a global scale of our animal and plant life in the near future. The headline is that 25% of all animal and plant species face extinction within decades. The message is that Climate Change and biodiversity issues need to be dealt with
  10. I've seen a similar comment to this one elsewhere in the media recently and I was genuinely wondering how this could be beneficial? I'm 49 and there certainly seems to be more reports of natural disasters (fires, storms, flooding and heatwaves) in the news these days then when I was a child and we do have facts showing a rising temperature, melting ice, rising sea levels, shrinking forests and rising CO2 in the atmosphere so if the latter is indeed causing the former then I'm curious as to how this could be thought of as a good thing?
  11. Some lovely pics here this morning ? Nothing to write home about here in Croydon and rapidly melting even though we were close to the 'jackpot' zone. I think one of the issues is the ground is probably too warm hence why there is such a fast melt going on. That and it just never snowed as much as we were all going for of course.
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