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  1. Some lovely pics here this morning Nothing to write home about here in Croydon and rapidly melting even though we were close to the 'jackpot' zone. I think one of the issues is the ground is probably too warm hence why there is such a fast melt going on. That and it just never snowed as much as we were all going for of course.
  2. It's like the good charts that always seem to be 10 days away, every time I check the met office app for South Norwood the heavy snow is coming later though lasting longer! It now has heavy snow for this area starting at midnight into rush hour tomorrow and then a mixture of sleet and light rain all day!
  3. This from a work colleague in East Sussex, think it's Seafood way.
  4. Sorry should have clarified, I was referring to the heavier stuff. I'll take whatever is available though so feel free to blow some up the road
  5. Here in South Norwood (Croydon) according to the Met Office app the snow was due to arrive around 5 PM then 7 PM then 9 PM and now it's 11PM. This just goes to show how difficult it is to predict the weather in a particular location
  6. I don't know if it's fair to say bust at this stage because the Met Office warning covering us says 1 to 3 cm expected. Yes lots of very clever people on here are suggesting much higher totals and we'll know by tomorrow morning whether the Met Office called it right or not.
  7. Good point. Another suggestion form many moons ago was to put your location in your signature?
  8. No I meant I thought the METO were quite good at doing the warnings when they think they are needed so they probably haven't done an amber warning for us yet because they don't think it's necessary? I mean I love the enthusiasm and excitement on here and it's the same every year but I'm not sure that our area is going to get the sort of totals that are going to warrant an amber warning personally, of course I'd love to be wrong so I don't have to go in for a work meeting tomorrow
  9. Sod it, I'm subscribing to the NW radar, hope I don't jinx it! As for the alerts from METO, I've always found them to be pretty good with them in the past so if they haven't given us an amber warning yet then either they aren't expecting this to be as disruptive as suggested or they are waiting until they can be more certain of the potential amber area?
  10. I believe a Thames Streamer (or any streamer) is where under the right conditions a line of persistent showers form at an estuary due to a difference of air and water temperatures and the wind direction and so a funnel from the source spreading out forms a line of showers for the same places meaning that favored areas get significantly more snow then surrounding areas. 2009 or might have been 2010 was a good example where SE London had several inches of snow and this spread SW from there down towards the IOW but other areas to the NE only had a couple of inches. One of the NW staff here did a good write up about it which I'm sure is hidden away on here somewhere...
  11. I've just looked outside and I can confirm it's night time in Croydon
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