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  1. Same dusting here! Nothing substantial but it’s better than the usual rain 🙂
  2. Snow in Pontarddulais with some decent sized flakes!
  3. Finally, last night we had some big flakes and a nice covering! Very pleased! Probably almost an inch in depth and it doesn’t look like thawing much today, most of it is still here 😁
  4. Snow has turned to a sleety mix and ruined any accumulation, dissapointing
  5. Really hope we get something from this! I cannot remember the last time I saw decent accumulated snow!
  6. Just experienced the Port Talbot rain, no doubt it probably snowed back at home knowing my luck! 😂
  7. When I was leaving for work at 1am it started snowing, real flakes this time! Short lived but it was something!
  8. Shame this isn’t snow as we’re lined up perfectly at the moment according to the radar! 😒
  9. Sleet here so far but more precipitation heading this way!
  10. It’s been a while but I thought I’d resurface since snow may be on the horizon! Those Pembrokeshire danglers look good, some falling snow would be nice since we did so poorly here in recent times!
  11. Hello all! I haven’t been online in a while, so thought I’d make a return! Starting to feel like winter really has arrived recently, fingers crossed for some snow for everyone this winter! ❄️
  12. Yes!! Halfway through just after he mentioned somewhere had 50cm of level snow haha.
  13. Thanks Derek, rub it in with a picture of Hendy, just up the road with no snow.
  14. Oh no. Not holding out much hope now then lol
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