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  1. South Wales RCT , South Powys and Gwent valleys have been hit hard.
  2. Low tide was around 17:00 so still along way from high tide, yet sprat from waves going over the light house at Porthcawl Porthcawl Live Streaming Pier Cam | Porthcawl RNLI WWW.PORTHCAWL-LIFEBOAT.CO.UK Adjusted for British Summer Time when applicable around the UK and Ireland coast each year. Know what to do: #RespectTheWater at Porthcawl in 2016. The busiest RNLI inshore lifeboat station...
  3. New Amber warning now issues to include Cardiff
  4. Sorry, by upgrade i mean that rainfall total increased by almost 20mm for the period in that area
  5. Thanks for sharing, looks like a slight upgrade in precipitation for Brecon Beacons area
  6. I am sure there must be a Met Office bashing thread somewhere, Personally i find them very good. I hope your not mistaking TV forecasts for Met Office, as they are not, some advice may be sold to them but its private company.
  7. The met Office are seeing the winds increasing during the squall line, due to job i have hazard manager with them. I just can not share the images on here
  8. No, its probably right. There will be a defined squall line crossing into Wales around midnight and crossing the UK Eastwards That line will have very fierce winds and torrential rain, It will be around 10 miles wide but you will know when your in it. So wind gusts will increase during the squall by at least 10knts so 80mph or 90mph gusts are a risk for a short period of time for a few places locally, mainly near coasts and at height
  9. Thank You, much the same as Euro 4 with 100mm looking the likely high figure now
  10. Rainfall totals by Euro4 and Arpege have dropped slightly for Wales, what does UKV say?
  11. No it was the one where i mentioned two forecasters i had spoken too, i thought it was because i mentioned them so i did not in next post, but now original post has turned up again, maybe gremlins in my computer
  12. Sorry i wrote 45m first time, but for some reason someone moved my posts and second time put 45m instead of 45ft
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