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  1. This does sound wrong .... I walked between Kingston and Kew regularly along the Thames in winters 09/10 and Dec 10 and can confirm huge areas were frozen over with great ice sheets floating downstream. My friends in Shepperton further upstream talked about breaking the ice to go kayaking near the weir.
  2. Plenty of time to go at the home of the Wombles but nothing remarkable yet. Slight covering this morning when I got up at 9, now temperature above 2c and it's all melted. Snowed lightly all morning nevertheless.
  3. Hey Walsall Wood. I remember some of those events. Don't remember Jan 86 but March 87 I remember very well. Heavy wet snow yes and a driving wind. I had a cross- country match that day in Rugeley and remember the race very well and the slow journey there- rare occasion I ran whole event with Gloves and full track-suit. I didn't do too well if I remember. I also seem to have read since that this was a relatively local event to Staffordshire and the north midlands. Sadly Dec 1990 the next famous fall I was trapped at Uni in Devon and by the time I got back the melt was full on. Some impressive d
  4. Great to hear the recollections of people. I lived just north of Walsall during those years through my early teens and remember them very well. Certain events stick in my mind. 83-43 had nothing much special but one decent snowfall in January 1984- clearly remember making snowmen, then when I got home on the sunday evening to get ready for school found out I was covered in a rash which turned out to be german measles! Two weeks off school and I never did get the hang of algebra which was first introduced during those two weeks. I remember Jan 1985 being cold and snowy but that was the build up
  5. Remember this vividly. After Blair got in it seemed initially like New Labour had laid on an early summer. I was staying at friends on the south coast and we had a picnic on the beach and went swimming in the channel on the 2nd and 3rd. I was back in Leicester by the 5th and walking across Victoria Park that evening to Uni it snowed quite heavily, although it didn't settle. Certainly a turn-around!
  6. Just checked my diary on the freezin rain - ive got it down as 24th Jan 1996- in South Staffs at least. Just a bit of snow on the 30th Dec.
  7. Oh yeah and the freezing rain. Can't remember whether Jan or Feb 96- someone mentioned it earlier in the thread. The only time I have ever seen this properly- I remember watching it fall at night and thinking why is everything shining and glittering outside. Then stepping out to find every surface coated with ice- lethal. What I especially remember is being able to peel leaf shaped ice pieces off the privet at the front of the house.
  8. Really annoyed I missed most of Dec 1990- I was at Uni in Exeter (where it just rained) and it fell the night before I was supposed to come home for Xmas hols. Of course my dad couldnt get out of the drive in South Staffs and there were no trains to Brum for several days. There was still plenty left when I got home but it was well on the melt. Disappointing.
  9. I remember this as a decent winter- better than 96-97 in South Staffs. December with some cold bright days and also freezing fog and some light snow. Late Jan was cold- remember waiting for the bus in Perry Barr then Feb had one decent snowfall, probably 5 or 6 inches making the journey to work a struggle. I seem to remember frost going on for ages though- I crossed a canal every day and it seemed to be frozen over for weeks on end, but that may be just my memory!
  10. Hey Walsall- the Feb 85 event is the one that sticks in my mind- I have never seen drifting approaching this at any other time in my life. I think there was decent snow in Jan 85 as well. I don't remember any significant snow in 86- a few powdery dustings, but I do remember the cold going on and on and Chasewater and all the canals being frozen for weeks (I actually saw an ice skater on them that year!). I also remember the school playing fields being hard as concrete but snow free. Jan 1987 was another good event- heavy snow yes, but without the drifting that made 1985 so memorable. Stangely
  11. I lived in Walsall in the 80s and have posted about Feb 1985 before here elsewhere- the month you must be thinking of is indeed Feb 85- there was intense cold but not much snow in 1986. In Feb 85 i clearly remember wet snow and rain turning to blizzard snow during double french and then by the time we left school at 4pm the drifts were incredible- main roads by the arboretum about a foot deep and traffic standstill. I attempted the bus home but after 2 hours travelled about 400 yards- walked the remaning 5 miles!! Next day I think was a saturday (although Im not sure about that). Remember bein
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