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  1. Not been a great one for us today but at least it’s missed us by a fair bit rather than a couple of miles. Glad Warwick & Stratford & Leicester have had some and that they stay on that line now to give them a decent dumping. Looking forward to some breakdown snow next week instead.
  2. Definitely better than the Beast from the East for us here in Polesworth. Managed to get about 5cm so have had a lovely long walk in it. It’s just starting again now so hopefully a nice top-up ready for a late night walk. It’s gorgeous out there.
  3. We seem to get a bit of snow just as the precip fizzles out, never enough to turn the ground or even the car white. Once I can take a walk and feel/hear that wonderful crunch of snow packing beneath my feet - that’s when I’ll know we’ve had a proper snowfall. Those are the best walks in life. Maybe tomorrow if that NMM is correct.
  4. Looks like cheshire gap there for you. Tomorrow might be the big surprise instead?
  5. Sleet here now, it’s coming. Just gotta turn before this heavy spell ends.
  6. Still rain bucketing down here nr Tamworth. Come on snow!
  7. Wow, this is a corker, wasn’t expecting it for another couple of hours. Am sat in the conservatory taking it all in.
  8. Wow, a Level 2 forecast for us. Hope tomorrow is a great day of storm tracking.
  9. Not a sausage here in Polesworthbut it’s so cold and windy and my boiler’s still knackered. It’s going to be a long day.
  10. Nottingham winning out tonight and lots more to come by the look of it. Hope we all join them tomorrow. My boiler’s just packed up too, what joy, gonna blowdry the condensate pipe, see if I can get it going again.
  11. Worth the little time it takes to load http://rammb.cira.colostate.edu/templates/loop_directory.asp?data_folder=dev%2Flindsey%2Floops%2F25aug17_band2&image_width=640&image_height=480&loop_speed_ms=40
  12. Had a 10 minute spell of snow here in Polesworth, North Warwickshire but now sleet and not sticking :-( Hope it really gets going later. Good luck everyone - hope someone in the midlands gets a snow day tomorrow.
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