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  1. Showers out in the North Sea upto the NE now intensifying...looks promising for later tonight
  2. Netweather radar is predicting this by 20.30...first shower approaching Tyneside
  3. I was up there the other day to see the snow,its just under 500 feet asl around there
  4. That streamer is actually intensifying as it moves east to west across the country
  5. Looks like that line maybe missing Tyneside to the north,the lighter shower band to the south may hit us. We shall see.
  6. Lines of showers are starting to become organised,still nothing too heavy though
  7. Annoyingly,the lampost turned off just as it got started making it harder to see now lol.Very light at the moment though.
  8. Is it me or is there a little more intensity and frequency in the shower activity showing on the radar now? Very,very light snow here atm.
  9. I was expecting at least a dusting this morning. The radar shows the North Sea coming to life now though so hopefully we will get some snow soon.
  10. Quick tip...If you click on 'Show Borders' it gives you a rough outline of the British Isles,helps when precipitation covers the chart like that.
  11. Its a bit bleak down in South Shields today. 4 degrees,heavy rain and blowing a gale....lovely!
  12. I find the Netweather radar quite good. Weather Radar - Live UK Rainfall Radar | Netweather WWW.NETWEATHER.TV Live weather radar for the UK including weather type to track whether rain, sleet or snow is falling. Updated every 5 minutes.
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