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  1. Introductions!

    Your such and old smoothie Mondy.
  2. Figs are good for the constitution Pingu.

  3. Good evening Lady Hawk

  4. Insect Photographs

    Better Red Admiral one Small Tortoiseshell still around today as well.
  5. Insect Photographs

    Bit of a late appearance from this beauty. Red admiral. Quality isn't that good as I had to rush before the dogs scared it off.
  6. Bird Photographs

    Lovely shot Slinky. Does look a lot like a Hobby.
  7. Insect Photographs

    This article on BBC websitehttp://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7634873.stm
  8. Bird Photographs

    You should be able to get a good shot of a gull pinching Joe's ice cream.
  9. Bird Photographs

    Owls are my favourite. See Tawny and Barn Owls quite often in this bit of the Fens, but I don't have the camera gear to get a good shot of them. Lovely to see them though.
  10. Bird Photographs

    Female Sparrow hawk taken through our double glazed back door.
  11. Insect Photographs

    My garden has been full of them this year. Never seen so many before. They rise in clouds from the tubs of marigolds by the back door.
  12. Bird Photographs

    Breakfast on the Lawn.
  13. Insect Photographs

    Small Tortoiseshell
  14. Broadband speed test

    I have used this before Brian. Seems pretty good. http://www.speedtest.net/
  15. Need Help On The Site/forum?

    Paul forgets to wind it up.