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  1. Geoengineering is a big mistake in my opinion, when will be learn not to try and control nature and work with it. CO2 is vital for life on earth, it naturally increases when temperatures increase and decreases when temperatures drop, its part of the worlds natural cycle. All we need to do is restore natural habitats and live in harmony with nature and then the earth will look after its self.
  2. Sky is 80% clear now (North of York), so if they arrive at some point in the next few hours maybe there is a chance of seeming them. Cam at the ready pointing out the sky light!
  3. Vale of York from Sutton Bank Taken Jan 3rd 2010
  4. Spotless Days vs Cycle 23 minimum graph http://www.solarcycle24.com/graphs/sunspotgraph.gif It show just how inactive this minimum has been compared to the last one 12 years ago.
  5. Yes Finningley and Spurn Head stand out for the amount of snow at low altitude. Particularly Spurn Head right on the coast! Finningley 9m(asl) 51 days of snow max 30cm avg. 18.8cm Spurn Head 9m(asl) 43 days of snow max 36cm avg. 14.3cm Its a shame there are no records from the North York Moors, it would be very interesting.
  6. The Winter of 47; In North Yorkshire Audio & Pictures link http://www.myyorkshire.org/video-fullscreen.asp?journeyid=25&resourceid=40 Other links: Snow in Ryedale, North Yorkshire The Winter of 1947 wiki for that winter
  7. Snow on Whistler @ 1850m as seen on their web cam.. looks to be melting though.
  8. Fresh snow up at whistler on their peak cam, I am not expert but seems quite early for snow even at that altitude. With northern norway seeing signs of cooling down and now canada could this be a sign of things to come!! I hope so. http://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/weather/c...stler/index.htm
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