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  1. Finally reached here, dusting so far and don’t expect much more. Either way it’s a good result, snow in the south doesn’t come easy.
  2. Looks like everything is intensifying just north of here, not even a dusting here yet. It happens, pleased for those who hit the jackpot tonight.
  3. Sounds promising for areas further north , back to to lamppost watch here! Wish you all the best, dont go using Steve’s kentimenters, you might have to fulfill you deal
  4. I think this could be our chance , if not always next time, they say thunder doesn’t strike twice let’s hope the same is true of the dreaded dry slot
  5. Looking at the radar, you can see why the MO are predicting snow to move through area. Well worth keeping an eye on.
  6. Let’s hope not, if they die over liphook nothing will arrive here, I hope you have your birthday suit ready if we get more than 1cm
  7. MO updated their charts again, looking much better for the dry slot! Game on after midnight for us.
  8. Think I was a bit quick to post earlier, you are right looking at the radar we will get something, most likely a dusting although an inch would be nice, hey ho we can dream
  9. Agreed its looking pretty dire for us, but good to see the rest of the region getting in on the action, going off the met predictions we could see an inch here, which to be fair is a good result.
  10. I think you might be confused, meteorology is the study of atmospheric sciences, something you clearly have no experience in, you should join the met office weather warning team
  11. Don’t normally feed the trolls, but if you have any interest in weather you could learn a thing or two from Kold! Enjoy your snow tonight, oh wait...
  12. Light snow started just south of Guildford 1/10 at the moment, should hopefully start to pick up soon.
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