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  1. Thought I would join in as I looked up and thought it looked impressive. Just up road from Margate beach
  2. Am a winter ramsgate newbie. Dad's lived here for years and says here seems to just do it own thing weather wise and it can snow all around and miss ramsgate. Or they get plastered. His words not mine. My time mainly on here was living in Essex then Hertfordshire so my first Ramsgate winter. Oh by the way am sitting out under the porch typing this and in the stronger gusts of wind there are the odd blast of something icy almost like a gentle spray. No lighting out back though. Going back indoors to the warmth. And the convenient lampost and house light next door
  3. well after an epic overheader this morning, we have had a few more flickers and rumbles this evening. Nothing will beat this mornings though. We lost the power for about half hour, and it got pretty dark in our caravan this morning. One flicker and rumble which actually sounded like the caravan exploding, gave a light that bright at exactly the same time as the explosive thunder right over head and an actual shout/scream came out of my mouth ? There definitely is another one rumbling around although pretty hard to hear anything as other half has tv on really loud. Just started raining again here. Here's hoping for no more awning floods.
  4. well after an epic overheader this morning, we have had a few more flickers and rumbles this evening. Nothing will beat this mornings though. We lost the power for about half hour, and it got pretty dark in our caravan
  5. I keep getting a little bit excited as I keep hearing some low deep rumbles. I am living on a campsite in our caravan in a field, about 8 miles from Margate and Ramsgate inland, and so am really hoping for a good storm. Will make my day/night. It's been very gusty here all day, and it's hard to tell if it's just wind still gusting or not. Other half has the tv on quite loud. I can't see it's thunder but ... ok I think it's just wind... next!! ?
  6. Heart in Herts here with a new name change to fit my new life. So we have left Herts and at for the last month have been living in our touring caravan.. Last 3 weeks on my Dads driveway, and for the last week and for the next 2 or 4 months we are in a huge field (minus any other campers at the moment). Well I thought it got bad when we were on holiday in Cornwall, but this is quite crazy here. Sleep tonight I think will be out of the window and I am guessing as long as the village hold power I will spend the night studying instead. The caravan is rocking about, and even my coffee is threatening to overspill. Our awning (which admittedly neither of us did a good job in putting up last week), is threatening to take off. I sincerely hope not as most of my clothes are out there and I don't fancy finding the neighbouring horses wearing my underwear in the morning. I don't know how bad it sounds in a house but I know it's pretty bad here, and forecast to get worse overnight. Oh joy! And then the rain. It's been hammering it down for hours, and the field is all grass including the pitch, and according to the owner is prone to flooding. I have even seen the sign that he puts up saying it is closed due to flooding. Oh dear. Other half has just been out and moved the car to the entrance on the gravel, and I have been out and battened down the hatches as best as.. Now it's time to wait and pray
  7. Well it's a shame about this weekend and if it doesn't snow I may well just cry. We were meant to be moving this weekend, and now we are not. My fiancé heard about the amber warnings on the radio and wanted me to check up and was all "oh it will be fine", "don't worry" etc etc and then for some reason within the next 10 mins he had changed his mind. As he was meant to be the driver, I couldn't really argue it. So van, storage and the site we are due to move to (living in caravan for a bit) all contacted by me (not him lol) Everyone else seems to be just carrying on as normal with their weekend plans and ours came to a halt (until next Sunday).. Believe me it better snow now! I think I need a stiff drink.
  8. Yes looking at the warning areas (which I know can shift), we are going from a yellow to a yellow area, with a journey right through the middle of an Amber.. My fiancé wants us to change it to the following weekend, and I don't want to but.. Thank you
  9. Hi all This has got to be the first snow event ever in my life that I have NOT wanted anything to happen. We are meant to be moving over the weekend. Hiring the van here in Stevenage, loading it up Saturday night, driving it down to Ramsgate Sunday, unloading to storage there on Monday, driving the van back to Stevenage on Tuesday, and then collecting our home for the next few months - our caravan from Essex and towing her back down to Ramsgate. Then we are settling down. So I been so busy doing stuff, I haven't taken any notice of the weather really, the past few weeks, and then bam I hear something about Amber warnings. A quick check on the Met O and now it's all slowly going pearshaped possibly.. Aaaggh.
  10. Aah is a pain reading on my mobile as I can't see any locations. It seems to have started to pick up round here too. Not as bad as some of you though
  11. For once I am not looking forward to this colder spell unless we get our heating fixed tomorrow afternoon. I can feel the dropping of temperature here although have no record of it. Don't get me wrong I would love to wake to a covering here but 1 I doubt it will taken anyway and 2 it will be a bit nippy here in the morning
  12. I have been trying to work out what is going on too. It seems to be and then it doesn't. Been back and forth on the animation to try and work it out. One minute I think it's showing one thing, the next minute something else lol. I am a useless amateur
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